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The world has changed a lot since everything went online. Remember asking people for directions? If you ever feel nostalgic for the pre-internet era (or wonder what it was like), Pamela Paul, author of 100 Things We’ve Lost To The Internet, reveals a few ways you can reconnect with an analog way of life. See how you can share your own tips for being less online.

This comic, written and illustrated by Malaka Gharib, is inspired by Life Kit’s recent episode. You can listen to the audio at the top of this page.

Panel 1: "Nostalgic for that pre-smartphone life? Tips on how to go analog." Couple is having dinner together. One person looks at their phone while the other person gets annoyed. Panel 2: "I grew up in the late '90s and early 2000s, and there are so many things I miss about life before smartphones." Images show a corded phone and a boombox. Panel 3: "An attention span" Woman surrounded by tech.
Panel 4: "Pamela Paul, author of 100 Things We've Lost To The Internet, says there are ways we can live a more device-free life. Panel 5: "Here are some of her tips: Put down your phone and let yourself be bored." Image shows group scene with everyone on a phone.Panel 6: "Intentionally forget your phone." Image shows a person throwing their phone onto a couch as they take a dog on walk.

Panel 7: "Ask yourself: Who do you really want to keep in touch with?" Person looks at social media post of someone's tuna sandwich as they say "OMG who cares!!!" Panel 8: "Think twice about downloading a new app or signing up for a new social media platform ... Do you have the attention span and time to absorb new content?" Image shows woman looking at phone realizing she's not a "tiktok person."

Panel 9: "Try ignoring someone." People watch TV as a phone buzzes behind them.Panel 10: "Stop second screening." Distracted person looks up from phone, asks the person next to them, "What did I miss?"Panel 11:"And finally ask yourself... 'Is this technology going to enhance my life in some way? Do I need this? Or am I just doing this because we're programmed to think we must upgrade?"—Pamela Paul

Your Turn: What are your tips for going analog?

Do you ever feel helpless without the internet? We’d love to hear your tips for being less dependent on your device. Whether it’s wearing a watch so you don’t have to check the time on your phone or keeping a recipe book so you don’t have to scroll while you cook. Write us at [email protected] with your tip and the subject: Phone-free me.

This episode of Life Kit was produced by Mansee Khurana.

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