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Tarrant County launches new website that allows voters to check wait times at county polling locations

Tarrant County voters can cast their ballot at any polling location for the 2020 election. The new website is color-coded based on wait times.

Tarrant County launched a new website, allowing voters to check wait times at county polling locations.

Tarrant County voters can cast their ballot at any polling location for the 2020 election. The new website is color-coded based on wait times.

At one point Tuesday morning, the website showed over an hour-long wait for the Villages of Woodland Springs polling location. That’s one of three early voting locations that was affected after a poll worker tested positive for COVID-19.

The Tarrant County Elections Office said in a statement that they found out about the poll worker’s positive test last night. That worker was trained on Oct. 8.

“Out of an abundance of caution, all workers that were in the same training class were asked to stay home and not show up for work today. This affected three early voting locations: Keller Town Hall, Villages of Woodland Springs and Euless Family Life Senior Center,” said Tarrant County Elections Administrator Heider Garcia. 

The Euless Family Life Senior Center is the only location that remained closed Tuesday morning, Garcia said. Officials are working to find a replacement crew and said they will open it as soon as possible.

Some voters that showed up to Keller Town Hall Tuesday waited hours to cast their vote.

“(The wait) is absolutely worth it,” voter Tricia Priest said. “I’m excited to cast my vote, which I wasn’t

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Why wait? The future of data is now

Over the last 10 years, we’ve watched big data, cloud, advanced analytics, and now AI and machine learning drive increased data platform investment. Yet there wasn’t any real change from traditional data strategy and approaches. The evidence? Massive blind spots and hardened data arteries in the disruption of COVID-19. We were looking back, even when we were looking forward to predict and meet market demands. 

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Turning Big Data into Business Insights

Businesses are good at collecting data, and the Internet of Things is taking it to the next level. But, the most advanced organizations are using it to power digital transformation.

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Even as companies seek to advance their machine-learning and analytics plans to address model weaknesses, it comes back to the age-old problem of data. Data is not oil. It is not exhaust or fog. It’s time to not just say data is an asset. We need to recognize that it is digital. It is our business, even before we get to analytics and insight. And it is our vaccine to chaos. 

The future of data isn’t three years, five years, or 10 years out. You don’t need the most advanced and emerging technologies to set your data strategy, resource, and investment plans. You just need to be smarter about your data and generate live-action solution experiences to be resilient, elastic, fast, and enable real growth. 

You must transition or be left behind. This isn’t hyperbole. Enterprises that aren’t able to put data at the heart of their resilience are failing and closing. You don’t have to be the small restaurant or hairdresser on Main St. Large retailers, commercial property firms, CPG companies, and appliance manufacturing are all under massive disruption from production, supply chain, and new customer expectations for fulfillment and safety. Even if