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Verizon Launches Unlimited 4G Home Internet for Rural Users: Here Are the Maps

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Rural home internet options in the US can be rough. If you’re not in reach of the local cable company, you’re relegated to slow DSL, or worse—cap-throttled satellite connections. While some small towns, like the ones in our 15 Small Towns with Gigabit Internet feature, have glorious connections, others struggle to get online.

Wireless phone companies have offered low-key solutions from time to time in unlimited home LTE plans. Most 4G LTE service plans, even “unlimited” ones, are capped in terms of how much you can use them as hotspots for home PCs and televisions. In some places, from time to time, each of the carriers have offered wireless internet solutions.

AT&T currently offers its rural “Fixed Wireless Internet” for $49.99/month with a 250GB monthly cap. It gives absolutely no clues as to where that’s available. BroadbandNow has a map, but doesn’t explain its sources for the data.

T-Mobile has a similar deal: $50/month home internet, but for even fewer people. According to Satellite Today, that offer is only available by invitation, or in three counties in Michigan. As part of its merger with Sprint, T-Mobile said it would cover millions of people with wireless home Internet—but not before 2024.

There are also several rather shady resellers that advertise unlimited LTE hotspots by evading the carriers’ usage limits by various means. They’re great as long as the carriers don’t crack down on them.

Verizon Rural Home Internet Maps

Last week Verizon launched its own option across the US, and its prospect is more compelling because it’s much more widely available. Verizon’s rural home LTE is truly unlimited, with speeds averaging 25Mbps, the carrier said. It costs $40/month for people with Verizon Wireless service, and $60/month for people without. You need to buy a $240 router.

Verizon’s 4G system,

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Google extends unlimited Meet calls for Gmail users through March 2021

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  • Google is extending unlimited Meet video calls for Gmail users until March 31, 2021.
  • The perk was originally set to expire on September 30.
  • Google is acknowledging the reality of the extended COVID-19 pandemic.

Google’s unlimited free Meet video calls for Gmail accounts will last several months longer. The internet pioneer has extended (via Neowin) the unlimited-length chats from their original September 30 expiration date until March 31, 2021. Free tier calls were previously limited to an hour each.

Simply speaking, Google is acknowledging that the repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic will last for a while. Many people will have no choice but to celebrate holidays and attend events online, Google said, and unlimited Meet calls will ensure they can “stay in touch” in the months ahead.

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The company pointed out that Meet has grown in recent months, including Chromecast-based calls on your TV and background blurring effects to hide your messes at home. Video chats for Gmail account holders are capped at 50 users, but all G Suite and educational customers can have up to 250 participants and record their calls.

The move is clearly meant to keep Meet competitive with video chat rivals like Zoom and Facebook Messenger Rooms. If Google didn’t offer unlimited free calls, it risked losing otherwise loyal Meet users. This won’t necessarily draw you to Meet, but it could keep you invested if you have a choice of platforms for your virtual conversations.

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