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New Ucam security camera is powered by the blockchain

Silicon Valley,CA-based open source platform IoTeX wants to extend the concept of the Internet of Things and bring its vision alive for the Internet of Trusted Things. And it is using the blockchain to bring privacy to your security.

Hacks of internet connected devices such as Ring and Nest have made consumers increasingly wary of adequate security due to insufficient emphasis on security and privacy for these types of devices

It has partnered with Shenzen, China-based specialist camera manufacturer Tenvis to co-develop the Ucam security camera.

The Ucam applies blockchain, end-to-end encryption, and edge computing technology so that users can own, control, and share the videos captured by their Ucam to guarantee that access to their camera is impossible.

With Ucam, all computing is done locally on the Ucam device or the user’s mobile phone, removing the need for centralized servers. When in transit, data is end-to-end encrypted using a blockchain private key that is owned exclusively by the user and impossible to crack.

This is in contrast to most devices and apps today, where logins and relevant processing are done on a centralized server where all user data is decrypted and potentially visible to anyone who can access the server.

Corporations having access to our decrypted data is a huge risk to our privacy, which is magnified when that data contains real-time footage inside our homes.

The blockchain is not used to store any Ucam videos but is used for three core purposes: Secure login, verifiable privacy and video sharing. A weak 8-character password takes a few hours to crack, a strong 10-char password takes a decade, while a blockchain private key takes 10^24 years.

Ucam’s user-owned, uncrackable private key, prevents the two most common types of camera hacks today: brute force password hacks and cross-pollination of data breaches