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Rainbow Six Siege: Tachanka Is Finally Being Reworked, Has New Gadget

Tachanka has long been considered a subpar operator in Rainbow Six Siege, even becoming a meme known as Lord Tachanka. At long last, Ubisoft has revealed a rework for the character, and it involves modifying how his turret works and providing him with a brand-new gadget. Here’s how Tachanka’s changing, and how to check out the adjustments for yourself right now, complete with the full patch notes for the test server. You may even want to try using him after this.

Tachanka’s rework comes in two key areas: a new primary weapon, and a new primary gadget. His turret is no longer locked down to the floor, but he still packs a lot of power with the DP27 LMG. Now he’ll carry it around with him, giving him more mobility. He’s still slow, but his portable LMG can be used to cut through soft walls easily and deal heavy damage.

He also gets a second new tool, the Shumikha launcher. This grenade launcher can be used to launch fire grenades which will suppress entry points with a temporary fire effect. One round can shut down a single door, and you can quickly pivot to others for multiple entry points. The grenades also bounce. This means you don’t need to be pointing directly at your target for them to be effective.

Tachanka is still slow, and Ubisoft says he’s still best as a backline anchor role. It also suggested he’s a good alternative to operators like Smoke.

The reworked Tachanka is now available on the PC test server, and you can see the full patch notes below. He’ll go live for all players and platforms sometime during the Operation Shadow Legacy season, which is currently live.

Rainbow Six Siege Test Server Patch Notes for October 8



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