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QCI’s Growing Number of Mukai Quantum Software Platform Trial Users Confirm Superior …

LEESBURG, Va., Oct. 02, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Quantum Computing Inc. (OTC:QUBT) (QCI), the technology leader in quantum-ready applications and tools, and only public pure-play in quantum computing, reports that the number of users on its performance-leading Mukai ™ quantum software development and execution platform has increased significantly since the introduction of a new trial program launched at the end of June.

“Dozens of new users have signed up for our Mukai trial, including major enterprises from the technology and finance sectors, U.S. Department of Energy national labs, large universities, and quantum computer (QC) providers,” stated John Dawson, QCI’s director of program management. Dawson, who oversees the trial program, previously led Cray Research’s worldwide IT organization and the software development team for its massively parallel and vector supercomputers.

“Most of our trial users are focused on solving real-world problems, exploring how Mukai can solve challenges in logistics, finance, supply chain management and protein design,” added Dawson. “Experienced users have confirmed that Mukai delivers superior performance compared to other constrained-optimization/QUBO solvers. They have also noted how Mukai provides true ‘quantum simplicity’ when it comes to developing and executing their applications on quantum computers.”

Mukai has been the first and only quantum software development and execution platform to deliver performance advantages with quantum-ready applications running on classical computers. This best-in-class breakthrough in performance was highlighted in a benchmark study published earlier this year.

The trial enables developers and organizations to discover how they can migrate their existing applications to quantum-powered solutions today and realize superior performance even when running their solutions on classical (Intel® or AMD processor-based) computers.

Mukai 3.0 supports easy, direct connections to the widest selection of the world’s leading QCs, including those offered by IonQ, D-Wave, IBM and Rigetti. This allows users to evaluate how different