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How To Optimize For Success

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Denver, CO – ( NewMediaWire ) – October 7, 2020 – Juris Digital — GoogleAds prices are clocking in at a wallet-busting $100+ per click.  Heaps of SEO agencies are promising the moon yet under delivering.  Notable bloggers and influencers provide conflicting or unhelpful advice.

Frustrated yet?

At Juris Digital, we’ve seen it all.  Most of our clients come to us from unpleasant experiences with other agencies.  Listen, we want the best for everyone in our industry.  We want you to know if your agency is making the right choices for you, because unfortunately, not all of them are.

With that in mind, here are 5 crucial steps to consider when deciding if an attorney SEO strategy is best optimized for success.

1. Choose The Right Keywords

The foundation of an SEO campaign is its keywords. Make sure your lawyer SEO agency is executing razor sharp keyword research. Without it, you may be optimizing for the wrong type of traffic.

2.  GEO Targeting

Make sure your agency is targeting your firm properly.  We audited many campaigns where the targeting was focused nationally when it wasn’t called for. Hone in on your primary local market in the title tags and in your content to reap SEO benefits.

3.  Technical SEO

Speed really does make a difference if your site is super sluggish.  WPEngine is our web host of choice for blazing fast server response. But, don’t stop there.  Make sure your site theme is fully optimized, especially for mobile devices.  It counts.

Schema Markup, addressing duplicate content, redirecting 404 errors, optimizing titles & URLs, and content enhancement should also be a part of your agency’s deliverable diet in bringing your site