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Apple Stops Selling Bose, Sonos And Logitech Headphones In Its Retail Stores


  • Third-party products were taken off shelves in Apple stores
  • Apple had pulled Bowers & Wilkins, Band & Olufsen audio gear from its stores
  • Apple is expanding its audio strategy with new over-ear headphones

Ahead of new launches in its own audio category, Apple quietly removed headphones and other wireless speakers from third-party makers like Bose, Sonos and Logitech from its retail stores, Bloomberg reported Monday.

The iPhone maker has sold products of its rivals for a long time, but their audio gear was pulled from the website at the end of last month, the report said. Apple’s retail store employees were also asked to remove these products from the shelves.

Following this news, shares of Sonos fell as much as 7 percent in extended trading, and Bose and Logitech confirmed to Bloomberg that Apple will no longer sell their products. This move will be a big blow to Bose, as it depended on Apple to sell its products in shopping malls around the world. Logitech continues to sell other tech accessories in Apple stores, like keyboards and cameras.

Apple did not comment on this development.

The company pulled products of Bowers & Wilkins audio devices in 2016 and Band & Olufsen was taken off the shelves earlier this year.

This is not the first time that the company has rebuffed rivals’ products from its store. In 2014, it stopped selling Fitbit gear after announcing the launch of Apple Watch. Apple had stopped carrying Bose for a brief period in 2014 when the latter sued Beats, an Apple-owned company, for patent infringement.

The Verge reported that Apple may hold a hardware event later this month. The company has been working on over-ear headphones, including fitness-oriented models. The widely anticipated AirPods Pro and AirPods Studio headphones could have noise cancellation

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After Math: Sonos sues Google again while Facebook keeps cleaning house



While scoping out a suspected subterranean lake hiding under the Martian soil, scientists stumbled across not one, not two, but three more of them encircling the original. And they’re not puddles by any means. The research team estimates the largest one to measure up to 19 miles across with the others topping out at a few kilometers apiece. But don’t expect to go swimming on the Red Planet in the near future — we’l have to bore through a kilometer of ice to get to it.



The COVID lockdowns have hit the American auto industry hard this year with demand dropping as people stayed home and off the road. However, that apparently is not the case with Tesla which announced last week it had crushed its previous quarterly delivery record by nearly 27,000 vehicles. Over all, the company has shipped some 318,000 automobiles so far in 2020.



If you thought that Trump campaign rallies were rife with COVID, let me introduce you to a little place called an Amazon distribution warehouse. The company announced last week that nearly 20,000 employees had contracted the virus since the start of the year which, out of Amazon’s 1.2 million-strong workforce doesn’t sound that bad. Unless of course you work in one in Minnesota, where the infection rate is more than three times that of the rest of the state.



Even though the president refuses to denounce militants and white supremacists in this country — telling his militant mob of Proud Boys supporters to “stand down and stand by” during Tuesday night’s debates, — Facebook isn’t tolerating their presence on its site. Throughout August and September, the social media platform identified and wiped more than 6,500 pages and groups tied to militant movements and QAnon.

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Sonos sues Google again for allegedly copying wireless audio tech

Sonos Move
  • Sonos has sued Google again for allegedly copying wireless audio technology.
  • Nest and Chromecast devices supposedly violate five wireless audio patents.
  • It’s meant to show t he “depth and breadth of Google’s copying.”

Sonos isn’t stopping at one lawsuit against Google for allegedly copying speaker technology. The Verge reports that Sonos is suing Google again, claiming the internet giant is violating five wireless audio patents.

The suit asserts that the entire Nest and Chromecast lineups are using Sonos tech that includes phone-based streaming music control, speaker groups, and automatic EQ. Sonos felt it vital to sue again to underscore the “depth and breadth of Google’s copying,” according to legal chief Eddie Lazarus.

Google spokesperson Jose Castaneda promised that the company would fight the new lawsuit. He maintained that Google’s products had been “designed independently” and that his employer would deny the claims “vigorously.” Google countersued Sonos over the first case in June, using a common strategy to force a quick end to a legal battle.

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Sonos has frequently complained about the power of companies like Google and Amazon to reportedly swipe technology and dictate unforgiving terms. It went so far as to accuse them of knowingly violating patents on the assumption that the cost of any legal disputes would be trivial compared to the profits from smart speakers.

The company believes that “most people” in the wireless home audio space violate Sonos patents, Lazarus said. Suing Google was a “last resort” when discussions fail.

The lawsuit doesn’t mean Sonos has given up on Google integration. It wants a “positive relationship” with Google, according to Lazarus. However, it still wants Google to pay — we wouldn’t expect the two to warm to each other unless there’s a mutually agreeable settlement. Nest and Chromecast