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This is CONTPAQi’s solution for SMEs to face the pandemic

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  • It is time to change our mental structures as human beings to understand that we are all one and that we depend on others, for this reason empathy and solidarity are two values that must prevail forever.

The pandemic has represented many challenges for small and medium-sized companies (SMEs), all these events have led them to adapt and create new habits that include new technologies and sales through digital channels.

CONTPAQi, an electronic invoicing company, is aware of the challenge that adapting to the new reality has implied for SMEs and that is why from July 20 to 24 it organized a congress through videoconferences in which the points were presented from the point of view of various personalities in business, communication, tax regulation, marketing, human resources and innovation issues, all of the above in order to mitigate this complicated situation they are experiencing and strengthen their capacity to face new challenges.

The event called Profit has been held for the fourth consecutive year, but this is the first time virtually. Issues related to the crisis were addressed as a driver for the digital evolution of SMEs, on cybersecurity as well as the impact of the new reality on economic structures and the traditional culture of business productivity.

Think different to get different results

René Martín Torres Fragoso, general director and co-founder of CONTPAQi, indicates that today one of the most important challenges is not only technological innovation, since many of the technologies that we currently use already existed for years, rather it is innovation mental and administrative, the most relevant change is not that of companies or