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Everything To Know About Family Setup Feature


  • Apple introduced a new feature called Family Setup in watchOS 7
  • The new feature lets users setup several Apple Watches using just one iPhone
  • The feature will help parents provide added security for their loved ones

Aside from introducing new features and improvements to the Apple Watch experience via watchOS 7, Apple also introduced a new feature called Family Setup, which allows users to set up several Apple Watches using only one iPhone.

The new Family Setup feature is designed to let family members who don’t have iPhones enjoy the health benefits of the Apple Watch.

Parents, for example, will be able to give their kids or aging seniors the Apple wearable without having to buy them an Apple smartphone. They’ll also be able to enjoy other features they previously weren’t able to enjoy, such as managing their kids’ Screen Time or who gets to message them.

Apple_watch-experience-for-entire-family-hero_09152020 Apple’s new Family Setup feature in watchOS 7 lets all family members enjoy the health benefits of the Apple Watch. Photo: Apple

Here’s what consumers should know about the new feature.

Family Setup requirements

The new feature works with Apple Watch Series 4 models and newer, as well as the new Apple Watch SE, as long as models are Cellular-enabled. The Apple Watch doesn’t need to have a cellular plan to be activated via Family Setup. The feature also requires an iPhone 6s or newer, provided that it runs on iOS 14 or newer versions.

Family Setup will require all users, such as the iPhone owner and the owner of the Apple Watch being set up, to have an Apple ID that has two-factor authentication (2FA) turned on. The iPhone owner will need to take the role of “parent/guardian” or “organizer” in the Family Sharing setup.

Setting up

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