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Quantum computing meets cloud computing: D-Wave says its 5,000 qubit system is ready for business

Quantum computing company D-Wave has doubled the scale of its cloud-based computing platform and said it is already solving real-world problems in minutes that would take traditional computers a whole day of number crunching.

D-Wave, through a service called Leap, grants developers access to a cloud-based quantum processor that can be used to test and trial applications in real-time. 

In the previous iteration of Leap, the quantum processor was 2,000-qubits strong, with each qubit capable of connecting to six other qubits. D-Wave has more than doubled the performance of the technology: Advantage’s quantum processor – which is available through the Leap platform – boasts 5,000 qubits, and each qubit can connect to 15 others. In other words, programmers will have access to a much larger graph to build their quantum applications.

As part of Leap, developers can also use a feature called the hybrid solver service (HSS), which combines both quantum and classical resources to solve computational problems. This “best-of-both-worlds” approach, according to D-Wave, enables users to submit problems of ever-larger sizes and complexities. 

Advantage comes with an improved HSS, which can run applications with up to one million variables – a jump from the previous generation of the technology, in which developers could only work with 10,000 variables.

“When we launched Leap last February, we thought that we were at the beginning of being able to support production-scale applications,” Alan Baratz, the CEO of D-Wave, told ZDNet. “For some applications, that was the case, but it was still at the small end of production-scale applications.”

“With the million variables on the new hybrid solver, we really are at the point where we are able to support a broader array of applications,” he continued.

A number of firms, in fact, have already come to D-Wave with a business problem, and