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‘The Last Of Us 2’ Drops To $40 For Prime Day, Is PS5 Playable


  • “The Last of Us Part II” offers a substantial price drop for Amazon Prime Day
  • Some retailers aside from Amazon are also offering the title for $40
  • “The Last of Us Part II” will be playable on the upcoming PS5 when it launches next month

Naughty Dog’s 2020 hit title “The Last of Us Part II” is on sale for Amazon Prime Day 2020.

An Amazon Prime membership is required for those who want to get “The Last of Us Part II” for just $40, though GameSpot noted that one can get a 30-day free trial to get around that. Other retailers such as Best Buy and Newegg have already matched the $40 pricing, which only benefits the consumers itching to finally get their hands on the title released in June.

Aside from the discounted price, another thing that might make the title more appealing is the fact that “The Last of Us Part II” is also among the backward compatible games for the PlayStation 5, which is set to be released on Nov. 12.

Although Naughty Dog has yet to announce if the graphics are also expected to make a significant leap on the more powerful PlayStation 5, just having access to the popular survival action-adventure title could be enough for interested buyers.

To be clear, since the physical copy of “The Last of Us Part II” is on sale, only the standard edition PS5 priced at $499 that can play it. The all-digital edition that is selling at $399 will not be able to play the game.

It has mostly been a successful few months for “The Last of Us Part II” as it immediately sold 4 million copies during its opening weekend. That made the sequel the fastest-selling PlayStation 4 exclusive game globally.

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‘Overwatch 2’ Playable Version Could Reportedly Release Soon


  • Blizzard announced “Overwatch 2” at BlizzCon 2019
  • The studio has not said anything about the team shooter’s sequel
  • New report claims to have discovered files hinting about Blizzard’s plan for “Overwatch 2”

Blizzard is still silent about “Overwatch 2,” following its official launch at BlizzCon 2019. Interestingly, a recent Battle.net launcher update could be hinting that something related to the team shooter’s sequel could be announced soon, according to a new leak.

Dexerto recently reported about a set of newly uncovered files suggesting the potential existence of the playable version of “Overwatch 2.” these alleged files are found through the studio’s Battle.net Launcher that gamers use to play Blizzard games on PC. The leak claimed that the files are named “prov2,” which could be interpreted as “ov2.”

These files are Content Distribution Network (CDN) files, usually reserved for pre-distributing data that expedites downloading of a patch or update, the site revealed. Industry veterans and watchers pointed out that if these “prov2” files are indeed references to “Overwatch 2,” then a beta version could be well on its way.

Overwatch 2 - The heroes assemble for the newly-announced Overwatch 2. While Blizzard’s Jeff Kaplan does not want to give us any hint about the release date of “Overwatch 2,” it appears that a French retailer may have accidentally leaked it online already. Photo: Blizzard Entertainment

Several others speculated that this recent CDN update could mean Blizzard is starting to ship the “Overwatch 2” version to commence the game’s localization process. It is possible that the gaming studio is already sending parts out to record voice acting in various languages. At this point, these are all just speculations and theories.

Also, the term available soon could have lots of implications. It could also mean that “Overwatch 2” would only be available to select players. It is worth mentioning, however, that, regardless

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Xbox Games On An External Hard Drive Will Be Playable Straight Away On The Xbox Series X/S

While the new generation of consoles set to release this November is promising huge advances in performance, upgrading to next-gen has never been more confusing. Now, some details about backwards compatibility and external storage are being cleared up for the Xbox Series X/S.

For players who use an external USB SSD or HDD to store and play games on their Xbox One, the process is simple. “It is easy as unplugging your existing external USB 3.1 HDD or SSD from your Xbox One and connecting it to your Xbox Series X/S and all your games are instantly available,” Xbox director of program management Jason Ronald explained in an interview posted to Xbox Wire. “You can continue to play your favorite Xbox One games, including backward-compatible Xbox 360 and original Xbox games, directly from the external hard drive.”

The interview also confirmed that Quick Resume, a new feature that allows the next-gen Xbox to pause games in the background even while other games are being played, will also work for games being loaded off an external hard drive or the Seagate Storage Expansion Card. The Expansion Card is a new bespoke storage product just for the Xbox Series X/S, which you may need given the new generation of Xbox supports backwards compatible games going back three generations.

The Xbox Series X and S launch on November 10. While you wait, check out GameSpot’s hands-on experience with a preview build of the Series X.

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