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Why Nvidia Has Pivoted to Software

Every day the greatest companies in tech are reimagining what’s possible and pushing the boundaries to create new markets. That’s why Nvidia ((NVDA) -Get Report) keeps winning.

The Santa Clara, Calif.-based company Monday announced a Maxine, a cloud-based set of developer tools to help businesses build better videoconferencing software.

That’s right, a company best known cutting edge hardware, also makes innovative software tools.

Software is the reason investors should continue to buy Nvidia shares.

It’s hard to explain but in 2007, at the beginning of the cloud computing revolution, Jensen Huang, Nvidia’s chief executive decided to go all-in on artificial intelligence. The choice baffled many pundits because AI had been a lost cause for big tech so far.

Since the 1970s technologists have been drawn to the idea of computers learning to process data efficiently like the human brain. Huang made the case succinctly in 2016 when he addressed a Deep Learning conference about the work Nvidia was doing with self-driving cars.

He told an audience about how easily humans quickly distinguish between flying insects hurtling toward our car windshield and dangerous projectiles. We don’t swerve out of the way for bugs. On the other hand, computers have to process the image, identify the threat level, then react accordingly, all in real time. They need vast amounts of bandwidth to make this happen.

AI could absorb a big portion of the data processing.

Nvidia engineers are using the same big ideas they brought to self-driving to tackle other software problems, like telecommunication networks, connected medical devices, and now videoconferencing. And they are having a huge amount of success.

Maxine is a set of software tools that uses AI to fix the nagging problems inherent in our new work-from-home software experience like poor resolution, lousy face lighting, noisy backgrounds