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Verizon’s iPhone 12 deals include free phones for switchers, upgrade discounts


Verizon is offering iPhone 12 discount if you meet the right criteria. 


Looking for the new iPhone 12 on Verizon? The carrier has some deals if you meet the right criteria. 

Fresh off of the announcement that it has turned on its new 5G nationwide network, the nation’s largest carrier on Tuesday announced its deals for Apple’s latest iPhones. As with prior years, those who are switching to Verizon will be able to get an iPhone 12 for free when they trade-in “select” phones and sign up for either a Do More, Play More or Get More unlimited plan. 

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Those who already have Verizon will be able to get the iPhone 12 for as low as $15 per month for 24-months when financing on Verizon’s device installment plans and trading in “select” phones. You will also need to be on one of those newer premium unlimited plans or the older Above or Beyond unlimited plans. 

The exact phones eligible for trade-in were not immediately known, though if you have an iPhone 8 or 8 Plus you can save $250 off a new iPhone when you trade-in, purchase the new phone online and have the right unlimited plan.

Verizon’s iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro go on preorder on Friday before going on sale the following week. 

The deals, while not as aggressive as those offered by rival AT&T, come after Verizon took a prominent role during Apple’s iPhone event. The carrier’s CEO, Hans Vestberg, appeared on stage during the virtual keynote to announce its new nationwide 5G network with numerous Apple speakers referencing Verizon and its

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