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Chromecast overhaul adds a remote, Google TV software for $50

Google unveiled a new Chromecast streaming device

Google unveiled a new Chromecast streaming device Wednesday, an update to its $30 dongle released in 2018 and the higher-end $70 Chromecast Ultra released in 2016. 

Google; screenshot by CNET

Google on Wednesday unveiled a new $50 (£60, AU$99) Chromecast streaming device, dubbed Chromecast with Google TV, in a revamp of its bare-bones TV dongle to better suit the streaming world’s dramatic changes in the four years since the $70 Chromecast Ultra came out. And this time, the latest iteration of Chromecast adds both a remote control and a tailor-made interface called Google TV. 

The new Chromecast was immediately available to buy in the US when Google announced it, and it is still in stock with a few retailers including Google’s online store and at other retailers like Best Buy. By Friday morning, the new Chromecast appeared to backordered at Home Depot, out of stock at Target and sold out at Walmart. A promotional deal in Google’s online store, which bundled the new Chromecast with six months of Netflix’s $13-a-month plan for a total of $90 (for savings of $38), also sold out within a day. The new device will be available Oct. 15 in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Spain and the UK, and people in those countries can preorder the device now. 

Like its predecessor, Chromecast Ultra, it supports 4K resolution and HDR and Dolby Vision image quality. But by adding the remote and its own on-screen system to navigate streaming apps, Google is reimagining Chromecast for a radically different streaming age — and trimming $20 off the price.  

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