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No, Your Idea Doesn’t Need to Be Original to Be Successful

Ryan Holiday and Stephen Hanselman’s new book Lives of the Stoics: The Art of Living from Zeno to Marcus Aurelius makes the argument that a humble work ethic is the key to success – or, at minimum, a decent life. Sure, the short stoic biographies apply to our modern day world. The most powerful entrepreneurial point in the book, though, is about a more recent scribe: Danish philosopher Soren Kierkegaard.

Kierkegaard would later make the distinction between a genius and an apostle. The genius brings new light and work into the world. The genius is the prophet. The creator. The apostle comes next – a mere man (or woman) who communicates and spreads this message.

Both the genius and apostle, or, in modern terms, the originator and the advocate are equally important. Unfortunately, we often view originality as power and advocating an idea as not powerful enough. Here’s why this is wrong.

Genius isn’t in your control

Creators create, and chances are most of what you come up with will not fly. They will be derivative, or they will not be timed well, or they just won’t work. It is part of the process.

The averages of hitting a home run eventually go up, though. It is not only from continual practice, building what time management expert Laura Vanderkam calls being paid dividends on your craft, but from pure odds. Simply, the more you show up, the higher your chances of success.

However, what happens if you limit what you do to just the so-called genius moments? Two problems immediately occur.

Striving for genius means you’re less likely to follow through

First, you increase the pressure on yourself to create a best-seller, a hit product, or a groundbreaking idea, and that pressure can block you from actually executing creative ideas.

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Lauren Corrao Exits as Head of Original Programming at Freeform

Freeform’s executive vice president of original programming and development Lauren Corrao is exiting the cable network after a year and a half.

Corrao had taken over the position from Karey Burke, who in late 2018 left Freeform to become head of ABC Entertainment. The move comes four months after Tara Duncan stepped into the presidency at Freeform in the wake of the April departure of Tom Ascheim, who had brought Corrao on board.

Corrao oversaw all scripted and unscripted development, current originals, as well as casting and talent development at the young adult cabler. Prior to her time at Freeform, Corrao served as co-president of indie studio Tornante TV, and before that spent eight years at Comedy Central, ultimately becoming president of original programming and development and overseeing “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” and “The Colbert Report,” among other series.

No replacement has been named. The Hollywood Reporter first reported news of Corrao’s departure.

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Caviar Apple 1 is luxurious tribute to Jobs, Wozniak’s original hand-built computer

graphical user interface: Caviar Apple 1 iPhone 12 Pro debuts

© Photo: Caviar
Caviar Apple 1 iPhone 12 Pro debuts

As the days grow closer until the iPhone 12 officially makes its online debut, leaks have already revealed a lot about the upcoming iOS flagship handset. Most of the information is reportedly sourced from third-party accessory manufacturers who now have access to the device’s dimensions and design. Now, Caviar – a Russian jeweller that also specialises in luxurious gadget customisations – teases the Apple 1 and Apple 1 Light. These are bespoke builds that would certainly appeal to fans who are willing to spend more than the average price of the device.

Apple 1 iPhone 12 Pro/iPhone 12 Pro Max (limited to 9 units only)

As implied by the name, Caviar draws inspiration from the very first desktop computer personally crafted by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. What makes it interesting from a consumer standpoint is that the images confirm the rumoured triple-camera configuration of the iPhone 12 Pro. Moreover, it also shows what appears to be the LiDAR scanner which sits alongside the imaging sensors on the upper-left corner of the wooden back panel.

Furthermore, this also shows what leaks have teased in the past wherein the rounded edges of the frame are now flat like that of the iPhone 4. Right beside the camera array is the Apple lettering as it appeared on the Apple 1 computer. Just below it is a screen fashioned from titanium with lines of code and the text “Hello World” at the bottom. Next is a set of keyboard key graphics that spell out the word “COMPUTER” and finally a small section of the motherboard from an Apple 1 computer.

Apple 1 Light iPhone 12 Pro/iPhone 12 Pro Max (limited to 49 only)

The second version is cheaper of the two and is