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Tencent Stock Options Cost a Fortune and Traders Love Them

(Bloomberg) — Caught off guard by Tencent Holdings Ltd.’s record-breaking rally earlier this year, Hong Kong’s stock investors are getting well prepared for the next one.


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For about two months, options traders have consistently shelled out more for bullish three-month contracts on the stock than they’re willing to pay for those protecting against losses, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. That’s kept Tencent’s so-called volatility skew below zero, an unusual quirk for a market that typically sees traders pay more for downside protection than upside speculation.

There are now almost 1.1 million outstanding options on Tencent, outnumbering those on the Hang Seng Index by more than 4-to-1. The demand for the derivatives mirrors a trend in the U.S., where volume in single-stock options exploded this year and helped underpin the rally in technology shares.

How Tech Options Juiced the U.S. Stock Market: QuickTake

The world’s eighth most valuable stock is growing revenue at its fastest pace in years, lifted by an explosion in internet activity — and mobile gaming in particular — amid China’s world-leading recovery from Covid-19. The 33% stock surge in the first half of this year plateaued after U.S. President Donald Trump signed an executive order banning U.S. entities from dealing with Tencent’s signature app WeChat.

chart: Tencent's call options are pricier than puts

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Tencent’s call options are pricier than puts

Tencent has long been a market favorite because of its dominant position in China’s gaming sphere and the ubiquity of WeChat, which has become the go-to app for communications, social media and entertainment. While Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. and upstarts like ByteDance Ltd. are challenging its position, Tencent continues to serve the country’s largest user base and dominate in gaming, the most profitable class of smartphone app.

The company is set to report third quarter results on Nov. 12. Its

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Options To Computer Viruses

Computers are very detailed machines that operate by set guidelines, codes and languages. It took him five minutes to persuade him that, if I’m running Linux, I have no want for his fake Microsoft tech assist, as a result of I wouldn’t have any viruses-let alone viruses that my non-existent Windows error report system can be alerting him about.

If utilizing a Home windows-based mostly LAPTOP, relying on which Windows working system one has, step one towards quicker working speeds is often to simply go to the OS’s extra file cleaner (e.g. “Disk Cleanup). Testing browsers on different computers will invariably have totally different results as a consequence of every PCs processor velocity.

The registry is a central database that holds the information, registry keys, settings and choices that the computer recalls every time it has to run programs, set up one thing, etc. Over time, files change and thus get scattered in the hard disk over non-contiguous blocks.

Many individuals are actually curious to repeat DVDs on their arduous drives. Then after the virus is set into motion it’s going to attach itself to other programs and system recordsdata and begin alongside it is meant path for which it was written. Defragmenting your disk drive will pack the files in a contiguous method so as to help with disk access speed.

As an illustration, the shoddy program I created would look for information in a selected folder however could not open and access the USB Bridge cable drive because it’s not merely a drive, it is a program. It’s all the time useful to set up the virus protection applications to run routinely and the person systems or the network as a complete may be set to automatically replace the applications which can be install along with fixes and …