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Good Life Center offers virtual programming

Karen Lin, Contributing Photographer

While the pandemic has closed off physical access to Yale’s Good Life Center,Oliv the center’s team is continuing to provide virtual programming for students.

The Good Life Center — launched in 2018 after Silliman Head of College Laurie Santos’ class “Psychology and the Good Life” drew over 1,000 enrollees — is normally housed in the fourth floor of Silliman College. According to the center’s website, the Good Life Center is “a cultivated space to inspire, teach, and practice living the good life.” In a normal year, students could spend time in the center’s lounge, which features a tea station and physical comforts corner. They could also visit the study or the sandbox — a silent, tech-free zone. Although students cannot use these spaces now, weekly newsletters from the GLC advertise various Zoom events.

“I think in some ways the virtual format has actually made our events more accessible,” GLC Woodbridge Fellow Alexa Vaghenas ’20 said. “Students can easily pop into a workshop or guided meditation as they please, for instance, without having to travel to Silliman College.”

According to Santos, who founded the center, the GLC has been able to keep much of its old programming, including meditation classes, yoga and wellness chats.

Recently publicized virtual events include “Mindfulness and Gratitude Meditation” — which currently runs on Thursdays and Sundays — high-intensity interval training workouts and an upcoming workshop on how to feel “focused and organized” by paying attention to study space setup.

“We’ve also developed some new programming specifically for the current situation,” Santos wrote in an email to the News.

Santos explained that Vaghenas has designed a new series of events relevant to the current conditions on how athletes are handling the change that comes with losing normal season programming. The program is a

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REvil Ransomware Gang Offers $1 Million As Part Of Recruitment Drive

The criminal group behind the REvil ransomware operation has deposited bitcoin worth $1 million on a Russian-speaking hacker website, as part of a drive to recruit more members.

Posting to a forum on the dark web, the group announced that it had deposited the $1 million to prove that it had the financial means of employing new recruits. It also announced that it’s specifically looking for new “affiliates,” who would be responsible for hacking organisations with ransomware.

The REvil ransomware group operates as part of a new breed of ‘Ransomware-as-a-Service’ (Raas) enterprises. Their core team of developers design the ransomware, while the so-called affiliates infect devices with the malware. The developers receive a 20-30% cut of the proceeds of any successful ransomware attack, while affiliates receive a 70-80% payout.

As the gang’s post explains, it’s currently looking for people with “experience and skills in penetration testing.” In other words, it’s looking for hackers.

Ransomware On The Rise

The use of ransomware has grown exponentially in recent years. One September report from cyber-security firm Bitdefender found a 715% increase over the past 12 months alone.

The impact of ransomware has also been heightened since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, with one recent attack targeting a firm that sells software used in clinical trials. Another ransomware attack, in Germany, resulted in a patient dying last month after she had to be moved to a hospital in another city.

The $1 million deposit provides clear insight into just how lucrative this business of disrupting computer systems really is. The REvil gang deposited bitcoins worth $1 million in an electronic wallet hosted by

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For Now, Verizon’s 5G Home Internet Service Offers Very Little Coverage

Verizon’s 5G Home router (Image: Verizon)

Verizon’s 5G Home service may be fast, but very few people can access it—even in the eight cities Verizon purports to serve.

Since the company doesn’t offer a coverage map for its home service, we pumped more than 400 Chicago and Minneapolis addresses through the Verizon 5G Home address finder, and discovered that the home service has even less coverage than the mobile service does.

That’s not what I expected after I spoke to Verizon last week. On Oct. 1, the company launched a new indoor home router (shown above) that is supposed to have better range than the tiny antennas in mobile phones. But looking at neighborhoods on the North Side of Chicago and in Minneapolis, we found that not only does the coverage not reach beyond what Verizon claims for phones, houses on streets that Verizon purports to serve came back with “no coverage” for the home service.

“The inconsistency in the coverage is going to make marketing Verizon 5G Home next-level challenging, because pitches will have to be targeted individually, and even then may need to be verified on site,” said Avi Greengart, founder of analysis firm Techsponential.

Verizon, of course, counseled patience.

“With our new equipment, customers will have an even better 5G Home experience. Keep in mind, we’re only on day 3 with the new equipment and our new 5G Home markets. To ensure our customers have the best experience, the website is currently being a bit conservative with who is getting qualified. That said, we’re expecting performance improvements and the addition of new small cells will continue to improve both coverage area and speeds,” a spokesman said.

A Great Deal…But Where?

Verizon’s 5G Home relies on the same technology as its 5G mobile network, offering homes speeds of

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Up to 450 new CAO offers will be made after Leaving Cert calculated grades computer coding debacle

A total of 400-450 new CAO offers will be made arising from the Leaving Cert calculated grades computer coding debacle.

he figure covers offers at both Level 8 (honours degree) and Level 7/6, and up to one in four will be for places in Technological University Dublin (TU Dublin).

The Central Applications Office (CAO) will issue the offers to Leaving Cert 2020 candidates on Thursday, in tandem with other Round 4 offers.

Full details of the places will not be known until then but there are quite a number for teaching-related courses.

On the other hand, it is understood that the upgrades will not lead to a surge of offers for Medicine.

The maximum number of new offers for any single course will not be more than eight to 10.

Individual colleges are now working through their capacity to make offers for the current year, but it is understood that the scale of the offering – less than half the potential 1,000 mentioned last week – has not caused alarm in the sector.

Higher Education Minister Simon Harris tweeted today that he was meeting the Higher Education Authority (HEA) at lunchtime.

The HEA is writing to colleges and asking them to advise if there are any particular difficulties.

The pattern of expected offers reflects reports that a lot of upgrades were in the middle space rather than at the upper end from H2 to H1.

Some 6,100 students have been advised that a grade in one or more subjects has increased, after corrections were made to the algorithm that processed the results.

Not all upgrades boost points to the extent that a student becomes entitled to a higher CAO offer.

Also, about 1,000 of those who have received an upgrade were not CAO applicants.

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Houston SEO

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