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BitFire Shines Under International Spotlight by Deploying 75 Simultaneous Remotes and Over 100 Total IP Broadcast Transport Feeds for 2020 NHL Draft

NHL Network receives remote contribution from 31 NHL clubs and over 40 draft prospects through BitFire’s browser-based FireBridge for its coverage of the 2020 NHL Draft

BitFire, a solution developed in response to new-world demand for an agile, professional-grade, live IP television transport experience, and remote production services, successfully deployed its remote IP video transport and production solutions this past week on an international stage – the 2020 NHL Draft. BitFire was commissioned by NHL Network to solve a unique challenge for synchronizing all 31 NHL clubs from their respective locations, and over 40 more draft prospects located throughout North America and Europe as teams made their selections remotely via a virtual draft due to COVID-19. BitFire also was tasked with providing over 100 feeds to NHL Network’s facilities for its world coverage of the two-day event.

With prospects drafted all over the world covering a wide span of time zones, BitFire showed a high-level of calm, professionalism and can-do attitude to help produce a high-quality broadcast experience. BitFire provided NHL Network with 37 servers for the NHL teams utilizing BitFire Transport Network. The company also provided over 50 links to browser-based FireBridge for communication contribution from draft prospects from around the world to the NHL Network. BitFire’s NOC in Boston was operated by dedicated personnel who oversaw the feeds from a 31-box Multiviewer created by BitFire, then feeds transmitted to NHL Network.

“This partnership with NHL Network is a testament to the commitment of these two organizations to provide hockey fans with an uncompromised, broadcast-quality viewer experience,” said Bob Sullivan, CEO of BitFire. “Our company was created by broadcasting experts and engineers who are professional and poised, and they aren’t afraid to take on challenges and create customized solutions for our clients. We join the international hockey players, families,