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DC BLOX Empowers Huntsville, AL, with Newly Available, High-Speed Metro Fiber Network

Network Facilitates Private, Metro-Wide Access from Huntsville Business Locations to DC BLOX’s Regional Network and Data Centers in the Southeast

DC BLOX, a provider of multi-tenant data centers that deliver the infrastructure and connectivity essential to power today’s digital business, announces that its new Metro Fiber Network in Huntsville, Alabama, is now available and ready for service. This network, achieved in partnership with Huntsville Utilities, leverages their extensive dark fiber infrastructure to provide connectivity to a vast majority of local organizations. The DC BLOX Metro Fiber Network serves as core infrastructure for Huntsville, enabling businesses and government agencies to fulfill their digital goals with enhanced connectivity, security, speed and geographic reach.

“Huntsville Utilities constructed a robust fiber-optic network to move our community forward,” said Wes Kelley, President and CEO of Huntsville Utilities. “It not only serves existing utility and municipal needs; it is a catalyst for innovative partners like DC BLOX, who provide cutting-edge solutions for Huntsville’s job creators. We are excited to watch as our infrastructure is paired with great services that make our community stronger.”

Businesses and government agencies and contractors in Huntsville are implementing increasingly distributed IT environments to cater to growing digital transformation needs, meet evolving customer demands and achieve a competitive advantage. To ensure success, many now require experienced partners that can provide the necessary infrastructure and expertise to rapidly connect local systems, private and public clouds, mobile apps, IoT devices, supply chain partners and a host of other platforms.

By connecting local businesses to DC BLOX’s high-speed, private regional network; secure and resilient data centers; and robust connectivity ecosystem, this new Metro Fiber Network allows agile and flexible access to critical infrastructure and enables global data transport through built-in carriers, Internet exchanges and public cloud providers.

DC BLOX is the only multi-tenant