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Why Microsoft’s Surface Neo Has Vanished

Where is Microsoft’s Surface Neo? Those tracking the development of Microsoft’s other dual-screened folding device have seen the Android-powered dual screened Surface Duo reach the market, but the larger Windows 10X powered hardware has quietly slipped out of sight.

The Surface Neo was introduced alongside the Surface Duo twelve months ago. The two devices provided a joint vision of foldable computing, with the Duo acting as the pocketable device, and the Neo acting as the laptop/tablet sequence device. Both were given a launch date of ‘the holidays 2020.’

The Surface Duo comfortably made that deadline, with pre-orders commencing in August 2020 ahead of the retail availability in early September. The Surface Neo? Reports started to circulate in April that Microsoft was not expecting any Windows 10X powered devices to launch during 2020. Mary Jo Foley for ZDnet wrote at the time:

“My contacts say that Chief Product Officer Panos Panay informed some of his team internally today, April 8, that Microsoft wouldn’t be delivering its own Surface Neo dual-screen 10X devices this calendar year. In addition, Microsoft also won’t be enabling third-party dual-screen Windows devices to ship with 10X in calendar 2020, I hear.”

Windows 10X is now expected in Q2 2021. Mayank Parmar lays out a presumptive schedule for Windows 10X and the resulting hardware as part of the regular Windows 10 release:

“In Q2 of 2021, Microsoft will deliver the first preview of Windows 10X, the company’s