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Your Must-Read Book for 2020

This post was sponsored by Blue Array. The opinions expressed in this article are the sponsor’s own.

We are really proud at Blue Array to have recently launched the book “Mastering In-House SEO,” and even more proud to see it named as an Amazon bestseller.

The book is a groundbreaking compilation of stories from the professional experiences of the world’s leading in-house names.

Why Did We Compile the Book?

We have become the UK’s most popular, and largest SEO agency within a few short years, and a book seemed like a natural thing to launch alongside our wildly popular e-learning course The Blue Array Academy.

Primarily though, while there is plenty of good quality literature on the subject of SEO, no one had written a book focused on the in-house SEO professional.

This was a gap in the market that needed closing, not just in terms of knowledge, but also that in-house professionals often seem voiceless within our industry.

For agency owners and consultants, we hope the book serves to offer a deeper understanding of the struggles in-house people have, and therefore, to help them run better agencies and consultancies.

Current and aspiring in-house SEO professionals will benefit from reading fascinating case studies, learning new ways to influence people, and getting inspiration for crafting their careers.

Most importantly, they will find that they are not alone in their thoughts and feelings.

We all struggle with the same challenges, but mastery is revealed within the book for the wise reader willing to learn from others.

We wrote the book to educate, captivate, and maybe even commiserate.

Who Has Contributed?

“Mastering In-House SEO” contains contributions from 26 leading in-house SEO experts, including:

  • Areej Abuali, SEO Manager at Zoopla.
  • Luke Carthy, Ecommerce Growth Consultant.
  • Ric Rodriguez, Head Of Search at Vashi.
  • Fabrizio Ballarini,