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Apple Pulls Problematic Safari 14 and Security Updates for macOS Mojave [Updated]

Apple appears to have pulled the latest macOS Mojave Security Update (2020-005), which was released on September 24 alongside the macOS Catalina 10.15.7 update. Apple has also removed Safari 14 for macOS Mojave from download.

Both the Mojave Security Update and the Safari 14 update were causing numerous problems for those still running macOS Mojave, as outlined by Mr. Macintosh.

macOS Mojave users who installed the updates have been noticing memory issues, slow boot times and Finder stalling, numerous system.log entires, and crashes when attempting to use Migration assistant, among other problems. Complaints about the update started shortly after it was released, but Apple did not pull the updates until yesterday.

Those who had already downloaded the Mojave Security Update or installed Safari 14 should soon be getting a fix in the form of updated software that addresses the bugs that were introduced. Reverting to a Time Machine backup, reinstalling macOS Mojave, or installing ‌macOS Catalina‌ also seem to successfully fix the issues.

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Update: Apple has released a supplemental update for Mojave which presumably addresses the issues above. It should become available in your macOS software update.

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Why Apple Pulled macOS Mojave Security Update


  • Apple pulled a recent macOS Mojave security update after users complained about problems
  • The issues included memory problems, system sluggishness, slow boot and more
  • The macOS maker has re-released the new updates

Apple recently pulled the latest macOS Mojave Security Update, along with the Safari 14 download for Macs running on macOS Mojave, due to a slew of problems users have been experiencing. Thankfully, the company has released new updates for Mac users.

The macOS Mojave Security Update that Apple pulled, Mojave 2020-005, caused a variety of problems affecting the Mac user experience very badly.

The problems that users encountered included memory issues (such as no free memory), system slowness, slow boot, high fan speeds, problems with Finder, inability to create a new local user through Users & Groups, migration assistant crashes and more, per Mr. Macintosh.

Users who experienced these problems started reporting about them shortly after Apple released the update on Sept. 24. Interestingly, Safari 14, which was also pulled as it was affected by the problems, was released Sept. 16 – more than a week before the Mojave 2020-005 update.

Some users reported issues via different forums. The first report appeared just hours after Apple released the security update. One MacRumors forum user said:

“Is anyone getting really low free RAM after applying this update? Activity Monitor says I have 12GB of RAM used right after I launch it after logging in.”

Another MacRumors forum user mentioned more problems:

“Additionally, boot time is slower, logging in is slower and when doing so I’m met with a blank desktop which needs 7-8 seconds before icons finally appear. Everything feels sluggish, and applications also take more than twice as long to start up.”

Mojave 2020-005 was supposed to address security vulnerabilities in ImageIO, Mail, Model I/O and