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MeUndies, the internet’s favorite underwear startup, offers unbeatable perks with its subscription services on underwear and socks

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  • MeUndies, a startup responsible for some of our favorite underwear, lounge pants, bralettes, and socks, has just added a couple of perks to its monthly subscription.
  • Subscribers will now get a discount on almost all of MeUndies clothes, and access to an exclusive print that’s revealed on the first Tuesday of every month. Previously, subscribers only got a discount on underwear.
  • MeUndies added these perks without raising the price of its subscription, which costs $14 per month for women’s underwear, $16 a month for men’s underwear, and $8 a month for socks, regardless of what style of underwear you choose.
  • As someone who’s had a MeUndies subscription for over two and a half years, both of these new perks make sense, and I plan on taking advantage of both to upgrade my wardrobe.

There haven’t been many constants in my life over the past two and a half years, but one of my favorite markers of consistency is my subscription to MeUndies.

The startup is responsible for some of the best-looking, most comfortable underwear we’ve ever tried, but its subscription service is what really sets MeUndies apart. Each month, subscribers get a new pair in their style of choice (boxer brief, boy shorts, etc.) from one of three collections: classic, bold, or adventurous.

The classic collection features underwear in standard colors, including black, gray, and navy; the bold collection features underwear in slightly more vivid colors, including Dahlia Purple, Red Hot, and Minty Fresh; and the adventurous collection features a selection of fun, limited-edition prints.

Until now, the benefit to being a subscriber was a substantial discount on MeUndies underwear, especially if you like its adventurous prints. A men’s subscription costs $16, while a