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What 5G Means For Your Business

Mike Finley has over three decades of leadership experience in the global telecom industry. He is the CEO of Boingo Wireless (NASDAQ: WIFI).

The latest global health challenge has revealed what many in the tech industry have long known — digital transformation is changing the landscape of business. Once a mere line item on business plans, the coronavirus pandemic has moved digitization from consideration to requirement.

While many executives have digitized parts of their business, we’re entering the big leagues. Recent data from McKinsey shows that both business and consumers have vaulted five years forward in digital adoption in a matter of approximately eight weeks. Rapid migration to digital is everywhere — optimizing operations and bringing greater efficiencies that cut costs and deliver a better bottom line — and 5G technologies are taking a front seat to help companies keep pace.

5G is a critical component of every company’s digital transformation, and most enterprises need a better understanding of what it means for their business. It comes down to two key fundamentals: convergence and speed.

Convergence Powers The Connected Enterprise

Convergence is a term in the tech world for unifying a combination of digital solutions into one managed system. It removes siloed approaches from business operations and will play an important role in managing the 5G networks behind digital initiatives. Throwing up one Wi-Fi access point in an office no longer cuts it. Enterprises must now blend a mix of licensed, unlicensed and shared spectrum, bringing together cellular, Wi-Fi, CBRS (citizens broadband radio service) and IoT (Internet of Things) solutions through convergence to enable scalable, secure and data-driven digital transformation.

Convergence has led to nearly every digital advancement. Three decades ago, it was customary to carry both a cell phone and a pager to stay in touch and have