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Caviar Apple 1 is luxurious tribute to Jobs, Wozniak’s original hand-built computer

graphical user interface: Caviar Apple 1 iPhone 12 Pro debuts

© Photo: Caviar
Caviar Apple 1 iPhone 12 Pro debuts

As the days grow closer until the iPhone 12 officially makes its online debut, leaks have already revealed a lot about the upcoming iOS flagship handset. Most of the information is reportedly sourced from third-party accessory manufacturers who now have access to the device’s dimensions and design. Now, Caviar – a Russian jeweller that also specialises in luxurious gadget customisations – teases the Apple 1 and Apple 1 Light. These are bespoke builds that would certainly appeal to fans who are willing to spend more than the average price of the device.

Apple 1 iPhone 12 Pro/iPhone 12 Pro Max (limited to 9 units only)

As implied by the name, Caviar draws inspiration from the very first desktop computer personally crafted by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. What makes it interesting from a consumer standpoint is that the images confirm the rumoured triple-camera configuration of the iPhone 12 Pro. Moreover, it also shows what appears to be the LiDAR scanner which sits alongside the imaging sensors on the upper-left corner of the wooden back panel.

Furthermore, this also shows what leaks have teased in the past wherein the rounded edges of the frame are now flat like that of the iPhone 4. Right beside the camera array is the Apple lettering as it appeared on the Apple 1 computer. Just below it is a screen fashioned from titanium with lines of code and the text “Hello World” at the bottom. Next is a set of keyboard key graphics that spell out the word “COMPUTER” and finally a small section of the motherboard from an Apple 1 computer.

Apple 1 Light iPhone 12 Pro/iPhone 12 Pro Max (limited to 49 only)

The second version is cheaper of the two and is