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YouTube Music is now a whole lot easier to stream on TVs

On Monday, YouTube announced a number of updates for its YouTube Music TV app, including TVs running Android TV OS and the new Chromecast with Google TV. For all smart TVs, YouTube Music users can now access saved playlists and liked songs in their available libraries, the company said in a blog post. The options will appear in the YouTube Music tab within the YouTube TV app. The update also includes new visuals to show albums and and playlist artwork.

“We’re working hard to bring even more features to YouTube Music,” the blog post reads. “In the coming months, YouTube Music Premium users will be able to continue playing music in the background after exiting the app.”

The main change is that Android TV OS users will be able to access music uploads directly in your library. There’s also a new playback interface that’s designed to include relevant information like the artist’s name, as well as display a progress bar while a song plays. For devices with the Android TV home screen, people will also be able to use a new YouTube Music row to make browsing easier, according to the blog.

YouTube Music launched in 2018, with The Verge’s reviewer calling it “surprisingly great.” As YouTube expands the service, the app — on TV, mobile, and desktop — have seen a number of updates. Recently, YouTube made it so people without premium accounts could cast to their speakers and allowed Google Music users to transfer their tunes over to YouTube Music.

Expect more changes to YouTube Music on TV sets as YouTube Music will soon replace Google Music.

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PS5 Will Make Dust Removal Much Easier Than Previous Consoles

For all its qualities, it’s not uncommon for people’s launch-era PS4s to sound like a jet engine every time they turn it on now, partly because it’s difficult to clean out any accumulated dust that has built up inside the console. This is true of any vented system, but the PS5 is introducing a very helpful new feature into its design–a “dust catcher” that makes it easy to regularly clean your system out.

In Sony’s teardown video of the PS5, two holes on the console are shown off. These are the dust catchers, where any dust collected by the system’s fan is filtered to. This means that getting rid of the dust in your system–and avoiding a horribly loud fan–is simply a matter of vacuuming them out of these holes.

Removing dust from a system can often be a finnicky job, so this is good news.

One of the PS5's dust catcher holes.
One of the PS5’s dust catcher holes.

The outer facade of the system will need to be removed to access the holes, but as the teardown shows, this is not a complicated procedure. This hopefully means that a launch-model PS5 will have a longer life than has been the case with some previous systems.

The video also highlights the disc drive in the PS5 (if you don’t opt for the digital-only version), which features double insulation to keep down vibration and noise. Hopefully, the PS5 will be a quieter console than the PS4.

The PlayStation 5 begins its international rollout on November 12. Here’s our complete launch guide for Sony’s new system.

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Slack teases a slew of updates that aim to make remote work easier


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In case you weren’t already spending too much time on Slack while you work from home, the company on Wednesday teased a slate of new features aimed at drawing you in further. Starting next year, by handing over your private link, you’ll be able to get direct messages on Slack from anyone from any company. The company is also exploring features that will let you instantly join or leave an unending audio call that is perpetually going on in the background of a channel, and upload asynchronous video with a feature similar to Instagram’s Stories. 

The new push-to-talk, instant audio feature is aimed at replicating the brief conversations found in office settings, while the pre-recorded video messaging options look to provide more flexibility for companies with routine video meetings, the company said. 

“An audio option in channels is another way we’re thinking that we can bring back that all-important creative flow, no matter where you work,” the company said in a Wednesday blog post. Slack didn’t say exactly when these new features will be released, but they’re reportedly expected to launch by the end of the year. 

Slack’s new, inter-company private messaging feature, part of Slack Connect which launched back in June, is positioned to make a dent in workplace email use. 

“Say you’re at the early stage of a project with a vendor and haven’t set up a channel yet, but you need to start coordinating with one or two team members from that vendor. Now you’ll be able to quickly communicate with Slack Connect DMs,” Slack said in its release. 

Slack users can expect to see Slack Connect Direct Messages rolling

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Basware Updates Developer Website, Bolsters API Library to Enable Faster and Easier Integration for Partners and Customers

Basware (Nasdaq: BAS1V) has launched an updated developer website, which contains all Basware APIs – P2P and Network – in one site. From invoice sending and receiving to master data imports and invoice transfer, the enhanced site documents 20+ APIs so that customers, developers, partners and third-party system integrators can develop integrations faster and with less effort.

“We believe open APIs form a foundation for building a holistic ecosystem,” says Dr. Matt Lees, Director, Platform Solutions at Basware. “API usage has been growing steadily and we see that our customers are starting to adopt APIs at an increasing speed. Basware offers flexibility by providing several integration methods as well as integration services and in-house delivery competencies. We will continue to expand the capabilities of our APIs and introduce more process APIs and some self-serving capabilities, such as a monitoring API, in the future.”

Easily accessible via a web browser, and always up to date, the developer website will feature the following:

  • API selection guide to help understand which APIs are needed for specific business scenarios

  • Full API manuals with detailed information on usage scenarios, common considerations, and fair use practices

  • API reference guide providing detailed field level information about Basware API

  • Practical examples that work “out of the box” for the most common scenarios

  • FAQ to get help with the most common questions

To learn more, read Integrate with Open APIs to Build a Business Ecosystem.

About Basware:

Basware is the only procure-to-pay and e-invoicing solution provider that empowers businesses with 100% spend visibility through 100% supplier connectivity and 100% data capture. Our cloud-based technology enables organizations to fully manage their spend, mitigate financial risk and reduce the cost of operations via automation. With the world’s largest open business network and an open technology ecosystem, we are uniquely positioned to

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Python programming: Microsoft’s new tool makes app testing easier for developers

Playwright for Python automates end-to-end testing for web apps and works in any browser.

Programming language concept. System engineering. Software development.

Writing end-to-end tests in Python just got easier.

Getty Images/iStockphoto

Microsoft has announced Playwright for Python, an API that enables developers to write end-to-end tests for web applications in the
Python programming language.

Playwright for Python is designed to speed up the process of testing new web applications by automating the process from start to finish. Built on the 
GitHub platform,

the Playwright API allows developers to run tests on all modern web browsers, including the new Microsoft Edge browser, Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari.

Must-read developer content

Microsoft released Playwright for Java earlier this year. It, along with Python and JavaScript, make up the top three
most popular programming languages

in the world. 

SEE: Linux commands for user management (TechRepublic Premium)

According to the company, the Playwright API delivers automation that is faster and more reliable than existing testing tools, allowing developers to launch new, feature-rich web apps at greater speed.

“Automated end-to-end tests have become more important than ever before,” the company said in a blog post.

“Teams are shipping faster and building apps that run on a growing set of devices. This increase in velocity and web targets puts immense pressure on the testing process, and automation is critical.

While automated testing systems already exist, these can be laborious and unreliable. At the same time, automated testing can be interrupted by time-out events, leading to failures.

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To counter this problem, Playwright automatically waits for the user interface (UI) to be ready, which ensures tests are more reliable to execute and easier to author. The API uses an event-driven architecture that can listen to browser events such as DOM changes, network