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Why a computer desk that’s also a PC is my latest obsession

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Since working from home these past few months, I’ve spent a lot of time at my computer desk. Normally, I’d only be seated at my desk when streaming on Twitch or doing a bit of design work – all of my actual gaming is usually enjoyed from the comfort of my couch.

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Make no mistake – my desk is a bit of a behemoth, supporting not only my mouse and keyboard at a comfortable typing level, but also a digital piano and two monitors on a dual-monitor arm. It’s a decent setup for streaming and for getting my work done, rather than tapping away on my MacBook while curled up on the couch (and eventually falling asleep). It’s also a desk that I had custom built a little over two years ago, just because I couldn’t find anything in the market that worked for me.

But all of that may suddenly change, for I have stumbled upon the whimsical and mildly terrifying world of desks – that are actually PC cases.

It’s not an entirely new concept, to be fair – DIY enthusiasts have been turning literally anything into PC cases, including building desks that can house all of their PC components discreetly. I’ve only been recently introduced to ‘desk cases’ (as I’ll call them) from a company called Lian Li, who innocently had emailed me regarding one of their newer PC cases, the Lancool 215. However my eyes took a bit of a wander, and I came across the Lian Li DK-04 instead – a massive desk that doubles as your PC case.

Why would you want one?

Well for starters,  it might just be the coolest thing in your apartment. Or your game

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The Best Gaming Desk Of 2020: Computer Desks For Console And PC Gaming

If you want to get into PC gaming or just figure out the best upgrade for your current setup, the most important factor is arguably your gaming desk. You can have a flashy PC with powerful specs, a 4K monitor, and the best gaming headset or mouse, but if you don’t have the right space to bring it all together, you’ll be left feeling disappointed with the entire setup.

What to look for in a gaming desk

The best gaming desk will offer you plenty of space for all your gaming gear: from monitor and keyboard to mouse, speakers, headset stand, and any other accessories you want to have in your gaming setup. We’re talking about tech you’ve probably spent thousands of dollars on, so you want to make sure your PC gaming desk is sturdy enough to support all that heavy equipment. It’s important to consider the desk’s frame and what material it’s made of–can the legs support potentially hundreds of pounds of weight? If you’re buying a standard office desk rather than a dedicated PC gaming desk, keep an eye out for ones with adjustable foot pads that will ensure the desk is stable. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, you’ll want to keep comfort in mind, making sure there’s enough room under the desk for your knees and legs. An adjustable desk that can be raised or lowered is great for ensuring your desk is at the proper ergonomic height.

Different types of gaming desks

It’s important to know how you want to use your desk too–are you looking for a simple one-monitor gaming setup, or are you planning to have multiple monitors and a heavy PC tower on top of it as well? There are standard gaming desks, ultrawide ones, and curved desks that offer varying amounts