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Automakers rush to take back software codes

The shift has old-school metal benders dipping into unfamiliar territory that long was the domain of high-tech companies. But like Toyota, automakers increasingly see the importance of bringing those programming skills in house, so they won’t play second fiddle to outside forces.

Tesla’s expertise in innovative software has made it a darling of Wall Street investors.

Doubt the impact? The Model S became the first electric vehicle to crack the 400-mile-range milestone this year, thanks to a software update. Tesla can tweak everything from performance to handling and ride comfort through over-the-air updates, keeping cars fresh between redesigns.

Other high-tech automotive interlopers, such as Uber Technologies Inc. or Alphabet Inc.’s well-established Waymo unit, stake their entire business model on their software prowess.

The advent of advanced safety systems and automated driving is spurring the transformation. But so is surging demand for on-the-go connectivity needed for infotainment and e-commerce.

Traditional makes are moving fast, too.

Volkswagen says all of its new models will run on a new vw.os operating system by 2025. And last year, the German giant unified its fragmented information technology units into an $8 billion subsidiary called Car.Software.

That unit, based in Ingolstadt, Germany, is tasked with developing computer systems in-house, and VW said up to 5,000 IT experts were set to start work in Car.Software this year. VW is plowing about $8.25 billion into the subsidiary by 2025, and the full version of vw.os will debut in an Audi.

Daimler, meanwhile, is banking on a slew of software-based features to raise the reputation of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class family as a technological trailblazer. In the next-generation S-Class, due at the end of the year, up to 50 in-car systems will permit over-the-air updates. The car can also identify drivers through facial recognition software and automatically adjust seating and

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Apple launches new app marketing tools, including QR codes and badges

Apple on Tuesday announced new App Store marketing tools and resources that developers can use to promote their apps online and elsewhere.

Those tools, which Apple announced in a developer update, include new short links, embeddable codes or QR codes that open an App Store page, and downloadable App Store badges that lead a user to an app listing, among others. Developers can also generate a high-quality version of their app’s icon.

The resources are available on a new “App Store Marketing Tools” page on the company’s website. Developers can search for and select their apps to generate the unique resources.

“Take advantage of new marketing resources to promote your apps around the world. You can now generate short links or embeddable code that lead to your App Store product page and display your app icon, a QR code, or an App Store badge. Download localized App Store badges, your app icon, and more,” Apple wrote.

QR codes, for example, allow users to easily find an app by scanning the code with their iPhone camera. Developers can generate specific QR codes with various colors and app icon features.

Notably, QR codes are also an essential part of the new App Clips feature in iOS 14.

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