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Apple blocked BlueMail app update despite sign-in exemption, Blix says

  • Blix, which has filed a lawsuit against Apple in the past accusing it of infringing on its technology, says Apple delayed approving an update to its BlueMail app for weeks.
  • According to emails reviewed by Business Insider, Apple rejected Blix’s app update for not including Apple’s “Sign in with Apple” feature, a requirement for apps that offer a sign in option from another service.
  • Since Blix is an email app, it should have been exempt from that rule. 
  • The interaction comes as some developers have been at odds with Apple over its policies, such as its requirement that app makers use Apple’s in-app payment feature.
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The company behind the popular email app BlueMail says Apple stonewalled its app updates after it criticized the iPhone maker. 

In emails reviewed by Business Insider, Apple tells the developer, Blix, that it had rejected its app updates in part because of BlueMail’s lack of a “Sign in with Apple” feature. Rejecting Blix’s app updates meant BlueMail had not been up-to-date for its users since July 30.

The “Sign in with Apple” feature is also at the heart of a lawsuit Blix filed against the iPhone maker last year, accusing Apple of infringing on its patent for a similar feature. Blix is a frequent Apple combatant, and has also accused the tech giant of suppressing BlueMail, which competes with Apple’s Mail app, in the App Store.

Apple later approved the update on Monday after reached for comment by Business Insider. The company pointed to the fact that BlueMail is approved and available in the App Store without  “Sign in with Apple” functionality in alignment with its App Store guidelines.

Still, after six weeks in limbo, the BlueMail delay is the latest instance of an app developer raising concerns