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What’s a Website Audit and Why Do You Need One?

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Just as it’s important to visit the doctor for routine checkups, the health of your website needs regular assessments as well. A website audit can help you answer important questions such as “How is my website performing?” and “How can I improve it?”

Conducting an audit of your website is a great way to maintain its health and make sure it’s still doing what it’s supposed to do: communicating who you are as a firm, raising brand awareness, sharing helpful and engaging content, and generating and converting leads. A website audit helps determine what’s working, what needs a refresh, or if you might need a more thorough redesign. Here are some of the valuable insights you can glean from a website audit:


A website’s analytics are the primary objective tool for assessing the current health of your website, and the analytics should inform all insights, critiques, and recommendations made about the site. One of the most popular website analytics tools is Google Analytics. This, or similar tools, can help answer many questions. What pages on your website are the most popular? Are users engaging with the site? Are you meeting your goals and converting leads?

In addition to traditional website analytics, heatmapping tools can be very insightful regarding user experience. A heatmap is a visual representation of user behavior: it shows where users click on a page, where their mouse moves, and how far down the page they scroll. Some tools also collect screen recordings of user behavior. Screen recordings can help provide insight into how users are interacting with the site, and where they may be exhibiting hesitancy or confusion. Ultimately, analyzing your website analytics will allow you to optimize your website and create the best user experience for visitors.

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