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21-year-old Allan Maman made memes for Andrew Yang and Mike Bloomberg

  • Allan Maman, a 21-year-old who didn’t go to college, is the brainchild behind many of the memes used by the presidential campaigns of Andrew Yang and Mike Bloomberg. 
  • Maman’s work included an ‘AirPod’ meme for Yang and a Democratic debate meme for Bloomberg.
  • In an interview with Business Insider, Maman revealed his career in meme-making, and how it started with cold emails.
  • Maman also got an assist from contacts dating to his days as a fidget-spinner entrepreneur, he says.
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Years ago, Allan Maman used to be known for co-inventing the fidget spinner. But that was before the now 21-year-old took the digital reins of first Andrew Yang and then Mike Bloomberg’s presidential campaigns.

It’s been quite a journey for the young man from Westchester County, New York. But strangely enough, the first business led quite directly to the second, totally different one.

“The connections I got from the fidget spinner business, I was able to utilize into actually making it easier to buy ads on meme pages for politicians,” Maman told Business Insider.

Basically, Maman explains, when he had first launched his fidget spinner business, he would buy what were, at the time, “cheap” ads on Instagram meme pages to market his product to the masses. This was in 2017, when, for example, he would spend about $40 for an influencer ad post on a certain Instagram page dedicated to memes, estimating this would bring in about $2,000 in sales. 

Years later, Maman brought this strategy — and those meme accounts — to politics. It began when he realized in September 2018 that Andrew Yang was going to run for president. Maman said he was inspired as an Asian American that another might actually have a chance at getting elected, and sent cold