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This Battered iPad Fell Off A Car At 50mph

An iPad mini that fell off a car travelling at high speed and smashed into pieces was – incredibly – still able to report its location to its owner.

Brand-protection specialist, Stuart Fuller, heard something hit the back of his car on a dark country lane and assumed it was a twig falling off a tree. Unluckily for Fuller, it was in fact the iPad mini that he’d accidentally left on top of his car.

Fuller, also chairman of non-league football club Lewes FC in England, was driving home from the club on Tuesday evening when he absent-mindedly left the iPad on top of the car before getting in. He managed to drive almost two miles up steep hills and around tight corners before the iPad mini finally fell off on the outskirts of Lewes.

At first, Fuller didn’t realize what he’d done. “I heard a thump and thought I must have run over something or something had hit the roof of the car,” he said.

Only when he got home and discovered that his iPad wasn’t in the car did the penny drop. He immediately fired up Apple’s Find My app on his iPhone and located the iPad, which was sitting precisely where he heard the strange noise.

The next morning, Fuller asked a local friend and photographer, James Boyes, to see if he could retrieve the iPad. Boyes found the iPad in its leather case at the precise location Fuller’s app had reported.

“James sent me a picture of the iPad in the case, and it looked like it only had a couple of scratches,” said Fuller. “Then he showed me what was inside the case.”

As the pictures show, the iPad mini was broken