Slack teases a slew of updates that aim to make remote work easier


homas Trutschel/Photothek via Getty Images

In case you weren’t already spending too much time on Slack while you work from home, the company on Wednesday teased a slate of new features aimed at drawing you in further. Starting next year, by handing over your private link, you’ll be able to get direct messages on Slack from anyone from any company. The company is also exploring features that will let you instantly join or leave an unending audio call that is perpetually going on in the background of a channel, and upload asynchronous video with a feature similar to Instagram’s Stories. 

The new push-to-talk, instant audio feature is aimed at replicating the brief conversations found in office settings, while the pre-recorded video messaging options look to provide more flexibility for companies with routine video meetings, the company said. 

“An audio option in channels is another way we’re thinking that we can bring back that all-important creative flow, no matter where you work,” the company said in a Wednesday blog post. Slack didn’t say exactly when these new features will be released, but they’re reportedly expected to launch by the end of the year. 

Slack’s new, inter-company private messaging feature, part of Slack Connect which launched back in June, is positioned to make a dent in workplace email use. 

“Say you’re at the early stage of a project with a vendor and haven’t set up a channel yet, but you need to start coordinating with one or two team members from that vendor. Now you’ll be able to quickly communicate with Slack Connect DMs,” Slack said in its release. 

Slack users can expect to see Slack Connect Direct Messages rolling out in early 2021. 

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