Our top 5 most viewed videos on the website

As Global BC celebrates 60 years on the air, we’re taking a look at the most popular videos on our website and some might surprise you.

Victoria Anthony singing to P!NK during her Vancouver concert on My 12, 2018.

© YouTube/Victoria Anthony Music
Victoria Anthony singing to P!NK during her Vancouver concert on My 12, 2018.

Below we have listed the top five, counting down to number one.

Rocky Point boat accident caught on video

On May 15, 2019, a B.C. man was very lucky to have escaped without serious injury after he lost control of his vehicle while removing a boat from the water at Rocky Point Park in Port Moody.

In the video, the panicked driver can be seen leaping out of the boat, but falls on the ground and is almost run over by the vehicle, as shocked observers run to help.

Police said the driver was able to walk away with minor injures.

This video received more than 250,000 views.

B.C.’s top doctor gives dating advice, how to ‘keep our germs to ourselves’ amid COVID-19

In mid-May, as British Columbians faced the prospect of slowly expanding their social circles, B.C.’s provincial health officer urged the public to be extra cautious when it comes to dating and romance.

While spring may be a time when, to paraphrase Alfred, Lord Tennyson, a person’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love, Dr. Bonnie Henry reminded us that the novel coronavirus is a respiratory virus that can be shared through intimate contact.

Henry cautioned against “rapid, serial dating.”

The video received more than 316,000 views.

B.C. man executes perfect revenge on rogue motorist who blocked his driveway

On Jan. 11, 2019, Colin Stann returned home from running errands on his day off to find an unknown car parked across his driveway.

A construction crew across the street lent Stann a tow rope and he went to work pulling the offending car down the block as worker Adam Peyton recorded it all and posted it to Facebook.

The video, which struck a chord with viewers who have no doubt dreamed of doing something similar, received more than 338,000 views.

Dream comes true for B.C. girl campaigning to sing with P!NK

In May 2018, Victoria Anthony’s biggest dream came true.

After her mom got tickets to see P!NK perform at Rogers Arena, Anthony, then 12 years old, hatched a plan to sing alongside the pop star.

She then began a social media campaign to make her dream a reality. It worked and Anthony serenaded P!NK during her concert at Rogers Arena.

This video generated more than 663,000 views.

‘It was like a giant snake’: Did Kelowna man capture video of Ogopogo?

It seems like no one can resist the chance to see a video of the alleged mysterious Ogopogo.

In September 2018, a Kelowna man said he captured the creature on video.

The video, which is sprinkled with four-letter expletives and a lush Pink Floyd tune is playing in the background, features glimpses of something long and dark making its way across Okanagan Lake.

David Halbauer described it as “a dinosaur” or “a giant snake.”

The story received almost 800,000 views.

Teens hailed as heroes for rescuing young boy dangling from Grouse Mountain chairlift

In February 2019, a video of a harrowing rescue went viral.

Five young skiers saved a boy who was dangling from a chairlift on Grouse Mountain.

The video showed a man on a chairlift desperately clinging to a young boy while others watch in horror below.

That’s when a group of five young skiers jumped into action, using a piece of out-of-bounds netting to help cushion the boy’s fall.

The video has been viewed 1.4 million times and remains the top video on the Global BC website.

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