Link Building is Still Highly Relevant for SEO in 2020, Say Experts – Press Release

Many website owners have faced the following scenario quite often: After creating and publishing the best piece of content ever on their website, they sit back and hope to see it show up in Google – and then, nothing happens.

Holbaek (Denmark), and Karlsruhe (Germany) — Two guys from Denmark (Brian Petersen) and Germany(Fabian Pott) are dealing with the same struggle as every other website owners: SEO.

Is Link Building Dead

“Build it, and they would come” does not seem to work, say the two. Especially on a brand-new domain without any authority in the eyes of Google.

“Without a reputation, you are a nobody, and Google needs to see and understand that you have relevance to rank you in Google – and the secret sauce is to gain links from sites that already have gained trust and authority,” says Brian Petersen.

By gaining links from relevant sites in a niche, it is possible to increase website authority.

When a website starts to gain authority, it also starts to rank for more search phrases and is gaining more organic (non-paid) traffic.

“Think about external links as road signs – the more signs that point to a specific location, the more sure you can be that you are on the right track – that is how Google reads links. A link from a website with high authority is like a giant billboard road sign,” adds Brian Petersen.

“Link building seems to be one of the hardest struggles for everybody who works with SEO. This is usually the part of SEO that most of my clients are more than happy to outsource,” says Fabian Pott.

Link building does not need to be complicated, he says. Almost every blog on the internet relies on a steady stream of quality content for its readers.

By approaching blog owners in the same niche, it is possible to find out if they are interested in getting highly relevant content for their audience.

The job is not to provide a quality article that would be interesting for the blog readers – and in return, the blog owner would return the favor with a link from the article pointing back to the writer’s website.

Brian and Fabian have been using this strategy for years, and as Fabian states: “Google is fully aware of the authority and topic of a website, and a contextual link from a quality site is one of the strongest ranking signals you can get.”

The two SEO Geeks, Fabian and Brian, state that using guest blogging for link building is the most ethical way to provide relevant backlinks and increase rankings in Google. They also both agree that link building in 2020 is more about quality than quantity.

The days are over where thousands of low-quality spam links would positively impact a website’s rankings.

Brian has created a guide on Medium about how to use this outreach strategy: Guest blogging for SEO. is a blog about Search Engine Optimization (SEO), where the two share “How-to articles,” the latest industry news, and what kind of available tools and how to use them.

Fabian Pott is an independent SEO consultant that is running his own SEO Agency in Germany.

Brian Petersen is working as an SEO manager in a large Telco company in Denmark.

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