Don’t Miss Amazon’s Nespresso Discount

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Amazon Prime Day is starting off with a caffeine blast.

If you act fast, you can score 30% off on one of Amazon’s best-selling coffee machines. We’re talking about the Nespresso Breville Vertuo Coffee and Espresso machine, which usually sells for $249.95, but you can grab it for $178.99 right now.

To save even more on the machine, you can take advantage of current promotions floating around. For example, if you spend $10+ on a single purchase between now and October 14, either online at Whole Foods, or Prime Now or in a Whole Foods store, you’ll get $10 to spend on Prime Day. You can use that credit to get $10 off the Nespresso.

It could also be worth looking into applying for the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature card. While it’s only open to Prime Members, it comes with a $100 gift card immediately upon approval and doesn’t have an annual fee. (Prime membership costs $119 per year ordinarily, but you can cut it to $60 with a simple trick.) With the Visa card, you’ll also get 5% cash back on all Amazon and Whole Foods purchases. This could be a worthwhile way to use the $100 gift card that comes with it, and significantly offset the price of the coffee machine.

With 4.5 stars on more than 4,000 ratings, the Nespresso has got Amazon reviewers saying things like “Coffee comes out looking and tasting great,” and “If you love coffee it’s worth the buy.” 

Making coffee at home can also save you a significant amount of money in the long run. When we did the math, we found that making coffee with the lowest-priced Nespresso machine costs half as much, over a year, as purchasing a cup of coffee from Starbucks every day.

“If you like Starbucks and blowing $5 or more for a cup of coffee, fill your boots,” wrote one reviewer on Amazon. “This is equally as good and pods cost around $1.”

Granted, we also found that you can make coffee at home far more cheaply than with a Nespresso or any other machine that uses coffee pods, by using a regular coffee pot. With a Nespresso, you’d spend about $1.10 per cup, while a cup made with a coffee pot costs all of three cents. You might want to choose a Nespresso or similar coffeemaker because of taste, though — but do keep in mind that coffee pods have environmental costs, since they end up in landfills.    

And while Nespresso is certainly one of the more expensive options, this is a solid deal from Amazon. It’s worth looking into if you’re looking to upgrade your at-home coffee experience.

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