Can Blogging Help you Make a Living?

An increasing number of people are starting their blogs nowadays. While it’s true that blogs act as an asset and generate passive income, starting one isn’t as easy as you may think. For the first few months of starting a blog, you don’t earn any profit at all. And even when you start earning, it isn’t too much at the beginning.

So the question is, can a blog help you make a living? The answer is it depends on a couple of things including your experience, the type of blog you’re starting along with your revenue model. So in this article, we’ll shed more light on this question by going over a couple of factors relating to it.

Let’s get started!

Your Choice of Revenue Model

The amount of money your blog would earn depends on a variety of factors. One of them is your revenue model. The two of the most common revenue models for blogs nowadays are AdSense and affiliate marketing.

Both of these models have their pros and cons. While getting approval for AdSense can be a bit tricky, affiliate marketing is a hit or miss.

However, in the case of affiliate marketing, a little planning can go a long way. The idea behind affiliate marketing is to promote certain products and for every sale through your referral link, you get a commission. So let’s suppose you’re reviewing electronic appliances, so the wise decision would be to browse through reviews of online home electronics stores.

There are many review platforms dedicated to helping you in making an informed decision. One of them is where you can read up on the experiences of hundreds of users. Because the more you research on the product you’re about to review as an affiliate marketer the more you’re likely to generate sales.

Your Prior Experience in Blogging

Prior experience in blogging can make a major difference. If it’s your first time starting a blog, then it’s best to stick with a professional.

As we mentioned above, monetizing a blog can be a painfully slow process, but the guidance of someone knowledgeable can catapult you towards success.

So even if you don’t have experience in blogging, browse through as many online resources as you can.

And most importantly, try getting in touch with successful bloggers and read up on how they do what they do to get some inspiration.

How Much Should be your Target Amount?

Bloggers should set a goal of earning around £500 per month in the beginning. This can only be done if you upload consistent and regular content on your blog and grow via organic traffic.

Once you reach that point, it becomes easier to grow because you can use the generated money from your blog to further improve your SEO strategy and link building.

The Bottom Line

Although blogs can help you earn a living, we don’t recommend directly quitting your job for it. It will take a couple of months before your blog earns its first penny. But overall, blogs can help you make a living, if you work on them with consistency and dedication, instead of treating them as an easy source of cash.