Addiction Treatment Marketing And Rehab Marketing By The Drug Rehab Agency Through SEO, Paid Search, and More – Press Release

Since 2014, The Drug Rehab Agency has been helping addiction recovery centers and rehab clinics reach out to their target audience online through tried and tested digital marketing techniques. These include SEO, content marketing, PPC, radio, television, etc.

FORT COLLINS, CO / ACCESSWIRE / October 7, 2020 / According to announcements released by The Drug Rehab Agency and Marcus Hansen, this addiction treatment marketing agency helps addiction rehab clinics get in touch with patients in need of their services through online and offline marketing campaigns. The agency has helped addiction recovery centers reach the top of the SERPs for highly competitive keywords and benefit from organic traffic.

It has the expertise and domain knowledge to help smaller clinics compete with the more prominent players in this sector. With proven strategies that work, the rehab marketing agency can create customized marketing plans that consider factors such as the intended audience’s location, type of service offered, budget, etc. Its offerings are of particular value for startups that wish to settle down quickly, engage with a responsive audience, and generate revenue without committing mistakes that new rehab centers commonly make.

The Drug Rehab Agency adopts a holistic approach to market the services of a rehab facility; this means that clients can expect the best returns on their marketing investments. With a thorough knowledge of the best practices related to the different aspects of digital marketing and the experience in adapting such practices for this particular niche, the agency enables addiction recovery clinics to develop a solid foundation for sustained growth and creating a reputation as the go-to clinic in a targeted area for addiction recovery. It also helps new drug and alcohol recovery centers through its substance abuse billing services that ensure timely payments from insurance providers.

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Marcus Hansen of The Drug Rehab Agency said, “Google is the main driver of traffic to almost all websites. It is the first place your clients and their loved ones will hunt for help. The Drug Rehab Agency exclusively serves the recovery community by providing addiction to SEO. We utilize our extensive years of industry experience, and our results speak for themselves. We have perfected the art of web design and development. With our simple 3-step process, we can get your website up and live within 30 days. Our website design and development process for drug treatment centers focus on YOUR vision for your center. We spend the time to understand the tone of your site and to whom we are targeting. We ensure that your site is exactly what you want. Providing a good conversation on how we align our goals as a marketing firm of converting visitors with your personal preference of design.”

On treatment consulting services offered by The Drug Rehab Agency, Hansen said, “Drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers can be a highly profitable business model. However, they are not as simple to run as you may think. As addiction treatment consultants (rehab consultants), we work with you to identify areas of your centers business that could be bettered to increase your productivity and, most importantly, your profit margins.”

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The Drug Rehab Agency is part of MD Media LLC. The company has worked with more than 60 rehab centers from all over the country. Its retargeting and display platform reaches out to patients otherwise unreachable due to advertisement fatigue, expensive PPC ads, and other factors.

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