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SEO trends for 2021 – htxt.africa

2020’s been a year that will live in infamy for most. For digital marketers and SEOs, it’s been a rollercoaster – trying to shift tactics and update content to reflect a world that became very different, very quickly. 

So what have we learned and what should we take with us into the new year? What new trends and cutting-edge tactics will we see in the next few months? We take a look at what’s coming for search engine optimisation in 2021 and beyond.  

A new player in town? Rumours that Apple will be launching their own search engine in 2021 persist

For years now, Google has had the lion’s share (and then some) when it comes to search traffic – almost 92 percent of it in fact. And for most companies, there’s been little point in trying to compete except for in very niche demographics.

2021 might just see that change – or at least throw some excitement and intrigue into the mix. While Apple already has its own search engine for Siri and Spotlight Searches, it has a financial arrangement with Google to be the default search engine on its iPhones.

Now there are signs that Apple wants to launch its own web-based search platform, which may have similar algorithms to Google… or might not. If sufficiently different from Google, (and other players like Bing which use ‘Google-esque’ practices) this might be a way for smaller websites which struggle to get organic traffic on Google to get their foot in the door. 

If that sounds like you or your clients, then this is a space worth watching very closely! 

Omni-Channel SEO

 While most SEOs still focus largely on written content and keyword optimisation, the way your visitors consume content has been changing rapidly. Spreading the word across