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The Saints need to stop using Taysom Hill on big downs

If you weren’t watching football on Monday night but checked social media, you might have thought Taysom Hill and Sean Payton robbed a bank or something.

It’s really not Hill’s fault that Payton keeps using him long after the effectiveness of bringing him in as a Wildcat quarterback has worn off. But here’s what happens: The New Orleans Saints take the great Drew Brees off the field in a key spot, everyone knows Hill will run it, and they stop it. It has been a bust all season.

It happened again on Monday night. Hill came in at quarterback on a third-and-3, he ran it straight ahead and got stopped easily by the Los Angeles Chargers defense. The Saints then settled for a field goal.

And Twitter was angry, my friends.

Oh, wait. T.J. Lang’s post was from a week ago. This is an ongoing problem for the Saints and Payton.

Hill has had his moments. He’s a great athlete and good gadget player. He had a huge game in a wild-card playoff loss to the Minnesota Vikings last season. New Orleans gave him a two-year, $21 million deal this past offseason, which speaks to how the Saints overvalue him.

Hill’s usage was once a fun wrinkle, but now has become predictable and stale as Payton overused it.

And it doesn’t seem like Payton is going to stop doing it.

New Orleans Saints quarterback Taysom Hill (7) continues to get the call from Sean Payton on big downs. (AP Photo/Brett Duke)

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