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6 Reasons Why Video Is Hero In Digital Marketing

Using video in a marketing campaign is one of, if not, the most effective way of reaching millions of audiences today. Nearly three out of four businesses that use video for marketing benefit from better conversion rates while nearly two-thirds confirm it has led to direct sales. 

With over 230 million online viewers in the U.S. in 2020 alone, investing in video marketing is a no-brainer to drive growth to your business. In fact, over half of the viewers believe watching a video about a product made them more confident about their purchasing decisions. With online videos, you really have nothing to lose, since platforms such as YouTube will host them forever and they will continue to generate traffic for years to come. You can even supplement your main marketing video with videos providing further information about your product as well.

Here are six reasons video marketing is king and why your business needs to incorporate it now.

YouTube YouTube and other video platforms get hundreds of millions of visits every day Photo: Pixabay

1. Search engines love videos

Videos affect overall search engine ranking and most engines, including Google and Bing, suggest video links for almost every search query. So always include video embed/s on your posts or simply have a dedicated YouTube channel for your products or services. The chances of your website or videos ranking high on the search engine platform increase nearly 50 times if you have these at your disposal.

2. Videos offer a high return on your investment

The primary purpose of incorporating videos into your marketing strategy is to increase sales.  In fact, nearly 90% of businesses believe video marketing boosted conversation about brands and gave them a higher ROI. Over nine in 10 businesses surveyed also said that they will increase their spending

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New My Hero Academia Website Raises Questions About a New Anime

My Hero Academia has had a very busy weekend thanks to its news drop on season five. Fans were given a hefty update on the anime’s upcoming season not long ago, and it seems a new report has fans eyeing more updates. After all, it seems a brand-new domain has been registered in Japan, and the site has to do with our favorite heroes-in-training.

The news came to light over on social media thanks to users such as Atsushi101X. It was there netizens were informed a mysterious domain was registered over in Japan. The site itself is heroaca-ex, but the page is locked at the current moment.

As you can guess, this news was met with wild speculation from fans. Netizens were quick to theorize about a future movie or spin-off anime. After all, My Hero Academia does have quite a few side manga series out there. That isn’t even including the series’ prequel manga, and after putting out two very successful films, it is not hard to see why a third movie is on fans’ radars.

My Hero Academia Izuku Midoriya Deku Shocked
(Photo: TOHO Animation)

Of course, there are other explanations for this domain that aren’t as exciting. In fact, the user StoneBrosRiseUp has a convincing argument for this domain’s purpose. They are confident the website is for a new My Hero Academia exhibition.

And why are they so sure? Well, the first reason is that the manga publisher Shueisha registered this domain. GMO Internet has traditionally registered web domains for My Hero Academia shows and movies in the past. The domain’s name itself also lends credence to this growing exhibition theory, but not everyone is convinced quite yet. But with season five on its way next spring, any possible spin-off anime would have to wait until the main series wraps before getting its

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SEO Hero, Asia’s Leading Digital Marketing Provider Set to Launch Operations in Europe – Press Release

SEO Hero, Asia’s Leading Digital Marketing Provider Set to Launch Operations in Europe

SEO Hero, a leading digital marketing company in Asia offering specialized services in web development, digital services, and online marketing is now expanding into Europe. With this move, the SEO agency hopes to bring its own unique brand of services to the European market.

Currently, top tier SEO service providers are in high demand because large and small scale businesses are heavily dependent on social media and online search engines for brand visibility. With search engine algorithms growing more sophisticated in terms of the search experience, today’s techniques may be obsolete tomorrow. Digital Marketing agencies have increased largely in number but set apart from the common fare is SEO Hero. The agency’s capacity to stimulate organic growth using quick-fire strategies has attracted lots of attention from prospective clients. With many positive reviews from happy clients, SEO Hero is fast becoming respected within the digital marketing industry. 

SEO Hero is a one-stop-shop for complete digital marketing solutions catering to every industry in Asia and abroad. The services on offer are a complete package of Branding, Web Development and Design, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Pay Per Click Advertising, Search Engine Marketing, Content and Email Marketing, and Advanced Web Analytics. 

Despite its short 4-year existence, SEO Hero is well revered by many. Leveraging its services coupled with a complete understanding of how search platforms evolve to improve user experience, SEO Hero has developed an edge over its peers. The SEO Hong Kong company has a focused modus operandi that combines the best of mobile and desktop campaigns blended with global SEO strategies to ensure a website or brand ranks high for organic search results. Using a data-driven process influenced by aggressively keeping the pace with search engine algorithms, SEO Hero ensures its customers benefit from faster lead generation, conversion, and