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‘Genshin Impact’ Makes $60 Million In Its First Week On Mobile Alone


  • “Genshin Impact” has generated $60 million in player spending on mobile platforms a week after its Sept. 28 launch
  • Cross-platform play and its gacha-based system have combined to make “Genshin Impact” a hit
  • “Genshin Impact” has surpassed 17 million downloads on mobile

“Genshin Impact,” a free-to-play, open world action RPG, has made a whopping $60 million during its first week on the App Store and Google Play alone.

According to Sensor Tower’s data, developer miHoYo’s “Genshin Impact” was second only to “Honor of Kings” in sales and even beat “PUBG Mobile” during its launch week. 

“Genshin Impact” also topped the list of highest-earning mobile RPG in the world a week after its Sept. 28 launch, beating the likes of “Monster Strike” and “Fate/Grand Order,” per Sensor Tower.

The $60 million isn’t the total amount generated by the title as it was also released on the PlayStation 4 and PC. Screen Rant reported that miHoYo currently has no plans for an Xbox One version, but it is weighing its next-gen console options.

One of the reasons cited for the impressive figures generated by “Genshin Impact” is its gacha-based shop system, which originated in Japan. There are thousands of “gachapon” or “gashapon” vending machines around Japan featuring random toys in capsules.

This is the same system that “Genshin Impact” uses, allowing players to randomly receive characters, weapons or items to assist them in their quest. A system within the game allows players to convert currency into additional rolls, which can translate into more items and weapons.

“Genshin Impact” has already surpassed 17 million downloads on mobile platforms as word-of-mouth about the game continues to spread via social media. As with most role-playing games, players can spend hours interacting with characters and exploring levels to try and complete a team to

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Genshin Impact – Mini Boss Battles Gameplay

Genshin Impact is a free-to-play action RPG available for PS4, PC, and both Android and iOS devices. The game has managed to make a splash in the traditionally crowded fall season thanks in part to its The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild-looking visuals and world.

In the video above, Max Blumenthal takes on one of Genshin Impact’s mini-bosses. In Genshin Impact, you play with a party of up to four characters, each of whom have control of the element of ice, fire, water, wind, electricity, or earth.

Genshin Impact has its detractors, largely because the game is driven by gacha mechanics. Gacha games are a lot like games that revolve around loot boxes in that they encourage players to use real-world money to buy in-game currency, which can then be spent to receive a random virtual item–in most cases (like Genshin Impact), a new character.

In the time we’ve spent with Genshin Impact, the game doesn’t seem to lean too hard on its gacha mechanics. They are still there, but you can still largely succeed at the game and unlock new characters without inputting your credit card information. So if the gameplay above appeals to you, you’ll be okay at least trying out the game without dropping any cash.

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