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5 Ways Gender Pay Parity and Workplace Equality Revolutionize Our Business

Raj Goodman Anand, an Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) member in London, is founder and CEO of Goodman Lantern, a native English content writing and software development services firm helping businesses sell better and grow faster. As the leader of a predominantly female team, we asked Raj about his experience with gender pay parity and workplace equity. Here’s what he shared:

I’m the founder of a company with a predominantly female team. That seems like a strange opening statement for a male CEO–and that’s part of the problem we’re dealing with in business today. 

Throughout my career, I’ve encountered mainly male-dominated spaces. Unfortunately, that isn’t surprising in the tech and marketing fields, in some countries more so than others. However, I see a distinct lack of female representation and leadership across all industries globally. And there is a gender pay gap that, by some estimates, won’t resolve for another 257 years.

What Experience Has Taught Me

I’ve worked in a male-dominated environment, a female-dominated environment, and even a mixed environment. From my experience, a mix of male and female energy produces the best business outcomes. A diverse workplace culture with a good representation between genders, ethnicity, race, and heritage is the key to creating a dynamic and successful workforce. 

Mixing people from different countries, cultures, and backgrounds creates a melting pot of growth opportunities. It creates the possibility for innovation and something new. Isn’t that what progress is all about?

When Nothing Changes, Nothing Changes

In creating my current company, it dawned on me that if I only hired the same candidate time and again, my business wouldn’t change. It would simply be a constant remodeling of the old. Why not try something new and see what happens?

To bring this vision to life, we made a conscious effort to look beyond

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Gender Stereotyping In Childrens Tv

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