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REvil Ransomware Gang Offers $1 Million As Part Of Recruitment Drive

The criminal group behind the REvil ransomware operation has deposited bitcoin worth $1 million on a Russian-speaking hacker website, as part of a drive to recruit more members.

Posting to a forum on the dark web, the group announced that it had deposited the $1 million to prove that it had the financial means of employing new recruits. It also announced that it’s specifically looking for new “affiliates,” who would be responsible for hacking organisations with ransomware.

The REvil ransomware group operates as part of a new breed of ‘Ransomware-as-a-Service’ (Raas) enterprises. Their core team of developers design the ransomware, while the so-called affiliates infect devices with the malware. The developers receive a 20-30% cut of the proceeds of any successful ransomware attack, while affiliates receive a 70-80% payout.

As the gang’s post explains, it’s currently looking for people with “experience and skills in penetration testing.” In other words, it’s looking for hackers.

Ransomware On The Rise

The use of ransomware has grown exponentially in recent years. One September report from cyber-security firm Bitdefender found a 715% increase over the past 12 months alone.

The impact of ransomware has also been heightened since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, with one recent attack targeting a firm that sells software used in clinical trials. Another ransomware attack, in Germany, resulted in a patient dying last month after she had to be moved to a hospital in another city.

The $1 million deposit provides clear insight into just how lucrative this business of disrupting computer systems really is. The REvil gang deposited bitcoins worth $1 million in an electronic wallet hosted by