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Steph Tisdell: the 10 funniest things I have ever seen (on the internet) | Culture

Ah, the internet. What a place. A great accompaniment to any meal and a great substitute for thinking while on the toilet. I love and loathe the internet in equal measures. It’s not good for my mental health most of the time, but sometimes I come across things that make me laugh so much that I DON’T go off the grid and live with a family of emus.

These are my top 10. These are the pictures and videos that I have never not laughed at.

1. Love my baby girl so much

That’s … not a dog

It is no exaggeration when I say that the first time I saw this I was on a train returning from Glasgow to Edinburgh (roughly 1 hour and 20 minutes) and I laughed the entire train trip. I had tears streaming down my face. I was with two friends, neither of whom found it as funny as I did. I was completely out of control. In fact, finding it again for this article reduced me to tears once more. Just look at it again.

2. Potato boss

This is the best thing that has happened all Covid.

Rachele Clegg

my boss turned herself into a potato on our Microsoft teams meeting and can’t figure out how to turn the setting off, so she was just stuck like this the entire meeting pic.twitter.com/uHLgJUOsXk

March 30, 2020

3. Running shrimp

Run, shrimp, run!

Sometimes we can’t explain why something tickles our funny bone. This is that for me. But I used to watch this once a day. I used to dream about this damn shrimp.

4. ‘Thanks, Ron’

Oh no!

Every little part of this makes me laugh. Short and sweet. Digestible. Relatable.

5. ‘Jesus Christ, Fenton!’


“Fenton!” I found this

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Aaron Chen: the 10 funniest things I have ever seen (on the internet) | Culture

The internet is one of the funniest places on earth where you can be who you want to be and do whatever you want to do. It is one of the main distractions in our modern world and the advent of the internet has led to increased atomisation, loneliness and the stripping of our meaning. The utopian promise that you can be whoever you want to be on the internet has turned out to be a lie, and it has only amplified corporate greed and ideologies based upon lies and we had a lot of laughs along the way. These are 10 of my absolutely funniest videos of all time!

1) Middle school Weezer cover goes horribly wrong


OK, these are some crazy kids, with a weird attitude and the rock’n’roll spirit. But when they crash do they have what it takes? You find out in this slice of life, roll the dice!

2) Punching a pedestrian button

Punching a pedestrian button.

Hahahaha. Now this is my style of comedy. It’s very funny the different way he chose to touch the button. Most touch with fingers or open palm.

3) Pressing a pedestrian crossing button in the rain

This kind of has a sadder feel to it. A bit like a dramedy.

In the rain.

4) Placing an apple core on a pedestrian crossing

An apple core.

Why did he do that??! I’m currently sitting in my penthouse suite in Mar-a-lago laughing my ass off.

5) Pouring water on a dirty pedestrian crossing

Some water.

Kind of interesting angle. I wonder after the coronavirus has totally shone a light on the fragilities of our world, what do we turn our hopes to?

6) HyperNormalisation (2016)

A film by Adam Curtis.

Good for a laugh. Put on the whole