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7 companies in the tech space that were founded by women of color

It’s no secret that Black entrepreneurs are less likely to receive venture capital funding. Historically, the same has been said for female entrepreneurs. So, you can imagine that the odds are stacked against you if you are a woman of color trying to set up a business.

Despite this, there are countless women of color doing incredible things in industries all over the world, specifically the tech space. And I wanted to do some shouting about a select number of said entrepreneurs. So, here are seven incredible tech companies that were founded by amazing women of color.

Angela Benton, Founder & CEO of Streamlytics

Angela Benton is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Streamlytics, which uses first-party media consumption data to bring transparency to what people are streaming on today’s most popular streaming services while helping consumers own their data in the process.

She is a pioneer of diversity in the technology industry and raising awareness around the inequalities that exist in the industry. In 2011 she founded NewME, the first accelerator globally for minorities. Through her leadership NewME has accelerated hundreds of entrepreneurs helping nascent companies to raise millions in venture capital funding. Prior to that she launched BlackWeb 2.0 in 2007, a multimedia platform which filled a much-needed void by becoming a vital nexus for African-Americans interested in technology. She is a seasoned Entrepreneur and Internet Executive having worked in various roles from design, to development, to strategy at IAC. Needless to say, she’s been busy folks.

Asmau Ahmed, Founder of Plum Perfect

Asmau is an accomplished executive, operating at the intersection of business and technology, with a proven track record of building widely adopted digital products, running successful large-scale digital transformations, and leading corporate strategy teams across multiple industries including financial services, consumer retail, and technology.