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‘Two Screens for Teachers’ to supply extra monitors in Seattle and puts out call for help in other cities

The two-screen setup of an elementary school teacher in Seattle. (Photo courtesy of Two Screens for Teachers)

Remote teaching is about to get a little bit easier for thousands of teachers in Seattle Public Schools. The nonprofit organization “Two Screens for Teachers” announced Tuesday that it’s purchasing a second computer monitor for every teacher who needs one, and plans to deliver about 3,000 monitors at a value of around $430,000.

Started by a small group of Seattle startup veterans, Two Screens for Teachers aims to boost teacher productivity through added technology, helping to make remote instruction less stressful during the ongoing pandemic.

Matt Lerner and Mike Mathieu are behind the idea. They previously co-founded Walk Score, a Seattle startup that sold to Redfin in 2014. Their hope is that their latest cause will spread beyond Seattle and they can inspire techies in other cities to purchase monitors for the thousands of teachers who need them.

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“I’ve spent my career in tech on two screens and can’t imagine working without them,” Lerner said in a news release. “During the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve asked our teachers to become tech experts, on top of doing the crucial job of educating our children. A second screen lets teachers see their students on one screen and their lesson plans on the other. This is a simple productivity solution that people in tech centers like Seattle take for granted.”

“Having two monitors is incredibly helpful for teaching,” Seattle elementary school teacher Jannah H. said. “I use my second monitor to display my lesson plans and weekly schedule. I also sometimes use it to keep the video of my student’s faces open while I open a lesson powerpoint on my computer.”


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Apple is giving away a few extra months of TV+ to some users

Apple is giving some of its TV+ subscribers a few extra months of its streaming service free of charge. The company has been offering free one-year subscriptions to the service with the purchase of new devices since TV+ launched last November. But now that those early users are set to reach the end of their initial free trial, Apple says it will add on as much as an extra three months.

Importantly, Apple isn’t offering this deal to everyone, and exactly how much extra time gets added to your subscription will depend on when you signed up. Anyone who got the free trial prior to January 31, 2020, will have their subscriptions extended until February 2021. So if you first signed up in November, you’ll get an extra three months, but if you signed up in January you’ll only get one additional month. 

The same deal also applies to people who paid for monthly or yearly subscriptions to TV+ before January 31, 2020. Those subscribers will have credits automatically applied to their accounts that extend their current subscriptions until February 2021. (Apple will email subscribers with exact details and dates ahead of time.)

According to TechCrunch, Apple says the extension is because the company “knows everyone is still looking at a tough winter ahead filled with COVID-related restrictions.” Though TechCrunch also points out that the extension could help pad out Apple’s subscriber numbers for another quarter. Whatever the motivation, though, it will be good news for anyone hoping to hang onto their free trial a little longer.

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Computer crash causes extra charge on Mount Vernon water bills


Hundreds of Mount Vernon residents opened their latest water bills to find a hefty extra charge.

Not because they hadn’t paid what they owed. And not because the city was suddenly charged more for its water.

On Facebook, City Councilwoman Delia Farquharson posted her bill showing an “additional billing” of $319.75. “This water bill requires further explanation. I do not have a pool,” she quipped alongside the bill.

The explanations came Wednesday from water Commissioner Carlton Spruill and Mayor Shawyn Patterson-Howard. The extra charge for residents of Water District 3 was a result of the crash of a city computer server in April that eliminated data including some of the water department’s billing records. They suggested the “additional billing” figure will not have to be paid.

Mount Vernon Mayor Shawyn Patterson-Howard and water Commissioner Carlton Spruill took to Facebook Oct. 7, 2020, to explain extra charges that appeared on many water bills (Photo: City of Mount Vernon)

In a letter to customers, Spruill told residents that the “additional billing” reflected previous payments. Those who believe their bills were incorrect were urged to call the water department at 914-668-7820 or email them at [email protected]

Contact by email may be best as when a reporter called the department Thursday morning, both options went to voicemail but the mailbox was full.

“Once we have been notified of your inquiry, please disregard any “Additional Billing” and remit payment for “Current Charges” while we investigate and adjust any discrepancies,” Spruill wrote.

Spruill and Patterson-Howard posted a 3-minute video on Facebook detailing the problem. The mayor urged residents who got the extra charge to find their proof of previous payments to help the water department clear up the problem.

“We are not trying to double-bill our citizens for water,” she said.

The mayor also addressed

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Extra Picture Sharing Websites

Google has begun rolling out its cell-first index, which is a direct shift to one of the vital essential shifts in consumer behaviour. Video, audio, podcasts and pictures can all get you extra listings in relation to a web page, not simply the content material on the web page itself. And that is additionally a tough estimate, i.e. it is not required to obtain images every time the visitor make a success to your website, for the reason that browser will store the repeat images in the computer.

Gentlemint began in late 2011 and while it doesn’t have the people power of different websites like Pinterest this centered area of interest website affords plenty of related photographs and in addition makes a terrific place to promote male related products and websites with photos.

Schuby – I might love to listen to what teens really feel about these sites. Surprisingly, this take a look at additionally confirmed that a simplified version “net design” was used as a search question FOUR OCCASIONS as usually as the 2 word “website design”. A search for website design is searched for greater than twice as many times as its two-phrase counterpart web site design.

If you realize of every other websites the place you possibly can promote your personal house, depart a comment at the bottom of this web page and I will add them to the list. Just lately I used to be asked what the keywords had been for this hub, the next listing of key phrases are the most relevant in accordance with Google.

The use of online expertise is now so pervasive that it has almost created the necessity for a brand new benchmark in relation to client expectation, and skilled, efficient and sophisticated website designing merely remains a non-negotiable characteristic …