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The 3 Most Expensive Stocks to Avoid During a Market Crash

The ability to pick winning stocks cheap is key to investment success, of course. But the ability to avoid expensive stocks that can decimate your capital is just as important. By quickly eliminating companies that may underperform, investors automatically increase the potential profits on their winning picks. 

There are many reasons why a stock may become prohibitively expensive, such as shady operations, questionable prospects, and excessive speculation. If there is truly another market crash right around the corner, then be sure to get out of these three stocks before it hits. 

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1. Nikola

Nikola (NASDAQ:NKLA) is an electric vehicle (EV) company embroiled in controversy after the financial community finally placed several of its ludicrous claims under a magnifying glass. Last year, the company captivated public attention with the announcement that it had developed a type of battery that provided twice the amount of energy per unit volume while weighing 40% less with a cost only half that of competitors’ technology.

Fast-forward 11 months, and the company has yet to disclose which university it partnered with to develop the technology or the basic chemical composition of its battery, as industry norms would have dictated. That’s not all; Nikola claims that it currently has more than 14,000 reservations worth $10 billion in potential revenue for its electric semi-trucks (set to enter production in late 2021), and that freight company U.S. Xpress Enterprises (NYSE:USX) is among its major customers. 

However, short-sellers Hindenburg Research reported that U.S. Xpress’s orders account for more than one-third, or $3.5 billion, of Nikola’s future revenue. The problem? U.S. Xpress is a company with just $417 million in market cap. As of June 30, U.S. Xpress had just $1.3 million in cash on its balance sheet, with over $4.9 million in check overdrafts and $295.5

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Gadget Review: RHA TrueConnect 2 – Expensive earphones, but worth it

RHA is a relatively unknown brand in India, but these earphones are something everyone needs to know about. The RHA TrueConnect 2 is a very stylish pair of wireless earphones, designed and engineered in the UK, as the packaging claims.

I particularly like the simplistic design. The earphones are made of a rubberised plastic, which has a nice tactile feel to it. The unique box is made of a combination of metal and plastic that offers a satisfying click when you open and close it. The case also has a built-in battery pack that charges the earphones while they rest in the box. While the earphones last for around nine hours, the case offers another 35 hours of total power. These earphones come with seven pairs of silicone ear tips—two sets of small, three sets of medium and two sets of large.

The RHA TrueConnect 2 uses Bluetooth 5.0 and is very simple to connect, just long-press and it is ready to pair.

When you put these on, the first thing you will notice is how light they are. They weigh only six grams an ear-piece and are comfortable enough to wear the entire day without any fatigue. The fit is snug and does a great job of passively blocking out external sounds. There is no active noise cancellation (ANC).

Overall, this is a good pair if you are looking for understated, great-sounding true wireless earphones. The three-year warranty, the quality construction and the IP55 dust and water resistance make this a good long-term investment as well. At R12,999 these are a little pricier than I would like them to be.

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Verizon has an exclusive Pixel 4A 5G that’s $100 more expensive

Verizon is getting an exclusive model of the Pixel 4A 5G: it comes in white, it supports Verizon-specific 5G bands, and it’s $100 more expensive. Verizon has dubbed this model the “Google Pixel 4A 5G UW” to highlight its support for the carrier’s “ultra wideband” 5G network.

If you’re on any other carrier, you’re not missing out. And if you’re on Verizon, this is probably a worse option than buying a standard Pixel 4A 5G at the regular price of $499, rather than spending $599.99 on Verizon’s model.

The issue here is Verizon’s limited 5G network. Unlike AT&T and T-Mobile, Verizon’s 5G network so far relies only on millimeter wave (mmWave) connections. Those connections are the fastest you can get from 5G, but they have issues — they’re very short-range signals, there’s little deployment of them, and the hardware needed to receive them on phones adds costs. Because of those issues, many of the initial 5G smartphones just haven’t supported mmWave.

To solve for that, Verizon has been asking phone makers to build custom versions for its network. Those models tend to end up either more expensive or with corners cut elsewhere to keep costs down. Verizon got a special version of Samsung’s Galaxy S20, but it came with less RAM as a cost compromise.

Meanwhile, Verizon’s 5G coverage is still extremely limited, so you could easily end up spending $100 extra on Google’s phone and never using the added 5G support. The Verge has reached out to Verizon to ask whether there are any other spec changes to its version of the phone.

Google hasn’t announced an exact US release date yet for the Pixel 4A 5G. Verizon says its model will be available November 19th, with preorders starting October 29th.