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Inside Tottenham Hotspur And England Star Eric Dier’s Side Hustle

Tottenham Hotspur and England center back Eric Dier wants to be clear, the startup might be his side-project, but he is still a key player.

“I am involved in every aspect,” he tells me, more than once.

Dier is sat across a big wooden table at his home in North London with the startup’s other two founders; his brother Patrick and long-time friend Zoe Connick.

Their creation is the app Spotlas, which is something between Instagram and Trip Advisor; a recommendation sharing social network where users can follow friends, family and influencers to see their favourite ‘spots’.

The trio is the app’s executive team and its engine-room, their weekly meetings are where the big decisions are made.

Although Connick and Patrick work on Spotlas full time and it is Dier’s side hustle, the job he does when he’s not manning the heart of the Tottenham Hotspur or England defense, his influence on its direction is equal.

“A key thing for [Eric] is people’s perception often with these things is that; ‘it’s a [soccer player] they’re just like throwing money at it’ or ‘they’re not actually involved.’ Whereas with him [there is] a lot of brain time put into it,” explains Patrick.

“All the ideas, all the designs, are fully discussed between the three of us. Even like management problems, the three of us we deal with it together.”

The pitch to Dier 

The trio embarked on the business venture two years ago, inspired by an experience Connick had in her final year at university in Birmingham.     

Just before she left the city a close friend took her to a restaurant she